I care. And I am carrying.

A friend’s Pastor said recently that we need to “care but don’t carry…”
What truth is in those few words.

Such a challenge. I tend to carry more than i should. I admit it.
I have such a desire to see others flourish and be all that they were created to be. Call me an overachiever but all there is – every promise, every word – I want it. There is nothing better than taking hold of all those things we are told we can have.


We are to have a burden for others just as He does. We need to feel the sorrow and anguish that He feels for those who are lost; those who strayed from the path.

We cannot let it overtake us though. We will grow weary; we will be weak and feel broken. We must give it to Him. Sadly not ALL will be saved. He calls us; He chooses

us. We cannot get confused. Let us not think that we are saved because we chose Him; let us not get to that place where we feel we are the ones saving those who are lost.

We must choose of course but He calls us first – giving us the chance to hear His word; to see His truth.


So many are blinded. We cannot get caught up in ministering to those in need when they do not see their need themselves. Let us pray for those folks. But let

us turn it over to Him. Praying thy will be done Lord, in their lives and in mine.

The days are nearing I believe when He shall return. There are none that He wants to see perish. And we, His hands and feet, can do such wonderful things for

the Kingdom so long as we are in Him ~ walking in the Spirit ~ Speaking His word in love; with grace and mercy for all.


We shall fall. And perhaps when we do that is His way of reminding us where we need to be. For are not the greatest of His works accomplished when we are

on our knees, on our face, before Him?

Many are on my heart ~ many folks who need to know His word ~ a couple folks who know His word but are not fully living it ~


Praying today that He will keep my heart on the things of His heart.
Use me Lord ~


One thought on “Carrying

  1. Very well said! Lord, help us to love & minister, but never lose sight of the truth that one plants, one waters & You alone Lord provide the increase… I am convinced that some of my deepest sufferings are part of what God used to bring me to Him. Lord, help us to care but not carry and to be sensitive to Your will and Your Spirit!

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