Out of the blue

Less than 24 hours before we leave for Branson Missouri – Our son qualified for Bible Quiz Nationals – It is exciting. An amazing opportunity for our son and his team.

And so much is coming against us.

My in-laws are taking care of our house and pets while we are away. They have been here for a short time and already – I do not know. My mother in law greeted my husband at the door complaining to him when he arrived home. He recently blessed her with a new cell phone but hearing her speak you would think he did a terrible disservice to her. Some types can never be happy no matter what their circumstances. Its sad and infuriating that she cannot show respect for our home, our rules and our family. sigh

Focusing on the blessings.

In the meantime my husband had to take our three year old to the emergency room. A typical boy playing and had a fall, turned into a mess. His knee is two times the size of his other one; he can barely bend it and is in tears trying to take a couple steps. My poor baby boy.

Out of the blue.

Our car transmission is going; our automatic garage door suddenly only opens when we heft it up manually. And this all has happened “suddenly”. It’s a huge blessing we are not driving but riding with our son’s team coach to Branson.

What a mix of energy and emotions; happy and loud and excited Tyler. Then there is Alex in the doctors office f

or his knee. Our daughter who is a mix of all of the above – missing her little brother – eager to travel with everyone too.

My poor husband is tired – weary- still has not packed for leaving in the morning. I cannot wait to get away – some rest, and peace. Time away from my mother in law who can not stop complaining. She keeps yelling at my husband. At our kids and the dogs. Nothing is right. So many things are wrong. And none of it is her fault. Its all about her. grrrr

Oh the pressure. And the excitement.

It’s amazing how the prospect of such a large gathering of families – kids who know and speak His word so well – a gathering and fellowship of those who know and believe on Him. There is power in His word – there is power when we speak His word. And there is no power greater than children speaking His word.

Its a challenging couple of hours between now and the time leave. But I know, I just know that there are many blessings. There are always storms; trials we must face. As if anything we face could be more than all He has faced before.

By His stripes we are healed…..IN the middle of this mess – I claim victory in His name. As a child of the King!


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