Do they know you are His?

It’s been on my mind … Do they know…When they see me, when we speak – when we pass by – do they see that I am His?

I have been praying and fighting; “Come Lord. It’s too much. I can’t stand to see any more. They are beyond hope. We’re losing. It’s too sad.” …
Then I read this: “I would ask that you look around and consider to all those you would be fine with leaving behind. Get out your photo albums, flip through your directory from work, tag your facebook friends and get to pointing. Go on and flag those as “Willing to surrender as Property of Satan.”
I can’t do that. Let us all say … “Just a little longer Jesus. A little longer. I keep blowing it … help me not blow it. These are mine. Don’t let him take mine.”

It is a wonderful reminder and a perspective that I know on those really hard days, I am guilty of. Nothing is too hard for Him ~ He saves when we love for real – not a pretend, because we have to kind of love but a real heartfelt love full of anguish and tears…Not yet – tarry Lord that we may be used of you to bring them ~ Let us reap and sow for His kingdom!

I want and seek and pray daily for that faith! I want nothing more than to see those who are so lost now, be found. Before it is too late. I get frustrated ~ I remind myself of where I came from – how far He has brought me ~ If He will reach out to me, why not them? Know what I mean? I know myself how heart breaking and impossible it seems at times with some folks ~ He is not done yet ~ Before He returns there will be a great reaping and sowing!

God says to not worry what we will say because we’re not to be the ones talking. His love and truth are to be what pours out, not our opinion or understanding or worry.
Remember His character. It is important to know that God is no respecter of persons and He loves the person we are talking to more than we could EVER love them. They are His children. He knows the hair on their heads and the number of their days. He knows the desires of their hearts and the things they wrestle. He knows how to minister to them and He will whether you are there or not. He’d like to use you but He could just as easily use a flower or a frog or a breeze or a fleck of dirt.
But for my own peace. For my own heart. I will not allow my loved ones to leave this world and possibly suffer for eternity with my name on their lips. “But there was Joyce. Why didn’t Joyce ever tell me?” You can bet that if there is a fight for you loved one … I’m in it whether you see me or not. I might blow it all to crap, I might say all the wrong things. You might walk away calling me all kinds of ugliness but I won’t go to my grave silent. Even if I get it all wrong, God will know it was right in my heart.

In these end days we need lots of faith and strength; to stand on the rock and know, not just believe, but know, that it is alright. He has us in His hands ! All a part of His great plan. No matter the storm He is there at our side, we need just hold on and trust!


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