In My Storm…

“Love divine has seen and counted every tear it caused to fall; and the storm which love appointed was its tracest gift of all ~ E Elliot
I listen because it has been a hard week. I look at my three little ones crled up together on the couch watching cartoons. I think; I love them so much and yet – they are too much. This week is too much. A little one with teeth coming in (this brings fever, a lack of sleep, and of course major fussiness)

I listen to inspiration – I pause when the children enter – loud, clapping, shouting, crying, screeching … I kicked them out. I did it.

This storm, it is appointed by God. All things are. That egg I dropped on the flor – He knew it would fall – the struggle my oldest and I would have – He needed that to come, so that He could have my oldest son on his knees praying to Him.

Let us have a peace in our heart. Instead of why me how about why not me? Jesus leads us – if we follow Him – if we follow Him, there shall still be storms. We can not follow Him and not be lead into those darker places. Perhaps we need that, so we may shine brighter. I need the noise in my home; to hear my children’s joyful giggles and shouts – to remind me of the blessings and the simpleness, in life ….. As a child….:-)

I suppose…the disciples did not understand why they “should not fear” in that boat? So I guess, in my mess, in this place right now where I cannot get a moment of quiet. Of rest. I still should not fear. He is with me – the trials, at home, the noise and the trials – they enable me to be His hands and feet for my little one. They need to be trained. They need to be taught. How can that occur without a storm? We need to be there, so we can be there.

Psalm 127:3-4: He hears the broken hearted and binds up their wounds; He determines the number of stars; He calls them by name..”

He knows how to heal. He gives light.

“The heart that accepts; asks nothing. My route leads me to His heart. Instead of submission, write acceptance….this shall open doors to rooms of infinite peace”

I need the storm. I need to take joy in THIS storm.


2 thoughts on “In My Storm…

  1. Hello. I’m Rodney. One of the few guys on the Wall Around Your Heart Launch Team. I’m just dropping in to a few blogs to say hello. Keep up the blogging and I’ll see you online. 🙂

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