Why not Home?

I have noticed many things lately. One of those things is how many people do not seem to enjoy being home. It seems home is the last place anyone wants to be. And if you are there it has to be because there was just nothing else to do. Why do we not see the error in this?

I remember hearing people say “home is where the heart is.”
That was a long time ago. Times have changed…isn’t that how it goes?

Even in our  family there are those “needs” spoken of. To go and do. Seems we have forgotten how to “be still” ~ how to really enjoy our families and homes.

Personally I think I could be home forever and be in perfect peace. Books, chocolate, coffee….Lots of music to place softly in the background……*Ahhhhh*

My mother in law was horrified when she heard that we are home most days; according to her “we need to get out more. Being home all the time is just not good for anyone. Especially those kids.” Those kids? Too many people do not understand what it mean to have and to keep a home. i

And where are those Titus 2 women? I admit I did not come from a Christian home; mine was a single parent home. What happened to mentoring, training and encouraging the younger moms?  I am hardly a younger mom, but when I came into the church, when I was born again, I was a new babe in Christ – surely someone could have come alongside me to teach me how….Everyone is too busy.

This is so sad to me. And wrong.

We went out today for a homeschool co-op meeting (why not? we will try most things once, at least!) We usually don’t go for playdate and all. Honestly we cannot afford too many outings. We are a one income family and while I am not bragging and I am not complaining – we have made our choice. Can’t have it all. Anyway while we all enjoyed meeting this smaller group
of homeschool families; chatting and playing and encouraging one another….It was so sweet to hear my oldest when we walked in the door say “It is so good to finally be home…” Makes this momma proud!

So home at last…..Avoid the sticky floor; get those toys put away. We have a small home. We are always looking for new, creative ways, to store all of our puzzles and arts and crafts stuff, our books and more books, games….. I remind myself  (daily, sometimes on the hour) that we home school. The key word is home. God called me to keep the home. Keep it. That means we should live in our home. It should be loved. It should be warm and inviting. It should feel like home. Not like a museum, not like a pigsty either.

I cannot lie and say there are not days when I want to leave because its too much of a mess for me. Then there are those days that I wish I could keep that perfect, pristine house….And then I hear the laughs and the giggles (sometimes screams too – I admit it) and I know that I have a great task in front of me. I remember that every day and every moment is a blessing from Him. And each is a chance for me to be His hands and feet. To show His love; to practice having that servant’s heart.

So the house is a mess. Minus stepping on legos, its not so bad 😛 Its a happy place. It is played in and there is love. True its loud and crazy and chaotic at times too ~ we are living, and we are learning. And crazy messy loud is not so bad. Unless you have a headache of course. Either way I cannot trade the smiles and dimples; the paint fingers covered in paint and the popsicle sticks and glue all over the kitchen table…they are learning, exploring and being kids. Smart ones too if I say so myself.

Be home. Be comfortable there. Be in love there. Let it be a place of learning and healing; peace and contentment. To be able, as Paul, “to be content in any season and with any circumstance…”  Let us remember to enjoy and count our blessings every one.



One thought on “Why not Home?

  1. I so agree with you. We’ve become escape artists when it comes to our homes, I think. I know I’ve had to reevaluate myself in the reason why I just want to get out of the house. Boredom? The mess? Am I filling a void by wanting to go out and spend money? Because we are saving money to go on another mission trip to Haiti, I am planting myself at home. And in doing so, I am realizing just how many SAHMs are NOT ever home! I want my children to want to come HOME once they grow up and move out. If we’re always avoiding our homes, how will we cultivate that? And I can hear mamas complaining already about it. The kids never come home because they were taught that home’s not a place you should want to be… Sorry for the novel 🙂 Have a great day!

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