The Greek word for “this” is proseuchomai. Pro means “to face
or look toward.” Euchomai translates “to declare out loud,
express a wish” (I like that).1 In the New Testament, the
word is always used in reference to God, and it sounds like
the word for “worship,” proskuneo.2 So when Jesus used this
word, He communicated more than three words. We must
speak to God face-to-face, sharing our hearts and burdens,
and as we do, we choose to worship Him in the process.

I love languages. I have attempted to learn many in years past. Some Italian, some German, Sign Language, French. My oldest son is trying to learn Chinese and Spanish right now. I will be teaching German in a few weeks to a couple kids in our co-op. Yep – we all love languages.

There is such depth to words. We forget, at least I do, sometimes, that they mean more. SO much more. Take the word “this”. Who had any idea that it meant so much? Prior to this morning’s study all I thought of was “this or that” or maybe “take this”.

God’s word. Mysteries within. Secrets that He reveals to those who are truly seeking Him and His truth. With all their heart. Loving Him with all of their heart and mind and soul. No matter how often I read His word (and with three little ones I have a lot of little times here and there) always He shows me something new.

When I seek His face. When I look towards Him and His kingdom. Let us stop being busy so we can see what He has for us. Let us go to Him and speak those needs; speak those promises that are for us. If we ask, with a strong and sure voice – speaking in faith and in love – imagine all we shall see.

SO many are so lost. Or so burdened. Rather than casting our cares upon HIm we seek to suffer as He did. We do not understand His word. Its deeper. Sure there will be persecution as a follower of Christ; some will hate and revile us – it’s true. But we should not, we can not, keep  hurt to ourselves. We must root out the pain; if we do not it shall fester and grow. And slowly we will show less of Him and more of us.  We are to be known by our fruits…And one can see and hear those fruits. If we are walking with Him. If we are facing Him and speaking His truths.

Words like “this”.  It seems like such a simple word; nothing fancy. Yet we turn towards Him asking for revelation – praying for the wisdom only He can give.

And there it is. Beautiful. He is God. And the word IS God.james 1 17


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