It’s MathTacular!

I hate math. Seriously. I have struggled with it all of my life. Not once has it ever been fun for me. So as I home educate my three little ones I am always looking for something new and exciting – for them and for me. Especially when it comes to math.

MathTacular is fun – Unbelievably Understandable AND fun with Justin.

My boys are 7 and 4 and there is a sweet little two year old girl here as well.
When we were offered the chance to review this DVD I was so excited. I have seen these priced on Amazon (a bit much if you ask me) but have always been curious – I mean what better way to learn than living it? If there is one thing I want for my kids, its for them to see how math is everywhere. And not in a scary, awful way but in a “this is fun and exciting” way.

Seriously, Justin and Amber are fun. He is sooooo animated and excited himself – I think its catching. Watch the video:

This is so very simple; not too busy or crazy. You won’t find lots of flashing lights and bright colors and zany characters in this but you will find easy to understand real life examples that kids can live and learn. I know my 4 year old was captivated by each example; the clips were short enough too to hold his attention. Big bonus. And as a mom I was ever so glad that, again, it was real and tangible stuff. Will be watching again and again.

Then there is the Inquisikids Discover & Do; you can watch a bit of it here. I wish I had gotten this one but alas, it never arrived 😦 Anyway it looks great and we are all about science and experiments in this house so do check it out:

So here’s what’s really exciting for you, this is on Educents right now. An awesome deal if you ask me and I would definitely be adding this to our curriculum if I did not already have it myself. haha Especially if you are “special” like me when it comes to math – this is easy peasy.

So here’s the deal – exciting *drum roll please*: Math AND Science supplements that are simple AND fun – from Sonlight – with FREE math manipulative guide that will give you a ton of ideas to make math even more exciting. Hands on, real stuff. It’s all on sale right now, at Educents (I love this site so very much too!) for $31.50. 30% Off – for 9 days. I usually don’t use this blog to “sell” but I do want to encourage you to check it out. Educents has so many amazing deals. Some freebies too. Keep an eye on them!~ 😛

Be blessed in all you do and love what you learn!


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