Thy Will … Not Mine

Pondering today – this morning anyway – how much sorrow and how much pain, how much anger and destruction can one have in their life? His mercy reigns…His mercy and His love – they cover me…So sad that a dear one is so broken, so far from Him yet praying because I KNOW His mercy and His love and everlasting and all things work together for the good of those who know and love Him ~ Praying He will break chains; remove strongholds – When will she answer? When will she hear and see? There is a way that seems right to man ….. We should be beware that way.

“Bring me anything that brings You glory
And I know there’ll be days
When this life brings me pain
But if that’s what it takes to praise You
Jesus, bring the rain”

bring rain

There is so much anger; much past abuse….I cannot comprehend how anyone can experience so much in such a short lifetime – So young and so angry, at everyone – at God – a lack of willingness to hear His call – Its like He is taking and taking from her, trying to show her, to point her to Him and yet…sigh

My cousin’s daughter – 18 – so young and yet so lost, so broken and angry and beaten. I wish she knew Him – I wish she would want to know Him. She is in jail right now for the next two weeks; too many bad decisions – its all catching up to her now. Just heart breaking watching – keeping our eyes on His and remembering its all for His glory ~ thy will be done Lord ~

I feel such sorrow for her; for the rest of the family. I admit I feel some responsibility too but I know that back then – I did not know; I was so very lost myself. Today – as He has brought us all together again (many years separated us as family until recently) He brings me to their life with a gift; with words and a God that heals and restores and makes all things new. As I sit pondering all that she has been through I remember He is all we need. And as Job, I shall trust in Him and KNOW that He is in control.

My thoughts here: She needs to know Him – many need to know Him. To cast aside their thoughts, wrong thinking – and know Him – as He is truly. Not as man says but as His word says. Oh, How she needs to go to Him. Truly with an open heart, a humble spirit…His love and His mercy are there for her but if she continues… Perhaps jail is a good place for her to be for now. I am sad to say it but she needs so much – only God can heal – perhaps though experiencing this will give her time and cause to turn around….All things work together as He has planned for His – if she would be His – Love and mercy abound…. I know He has a plan in this – it is sad, breaks His heart too that this must be done – but she – she does not need drugs and medications but God – nothing will change until she calls on Him and until she sees that it is all about Him …. Praying for her. Praying for His will to be done in her life….He said, in a message that came in the other night, He is coming very soon – We all need to be ready and prayed up – His words were that we need to choose now, today, whom we will serve…..He makes us good, and we need Him so – oh how she needs Him so – He will remove and move within her life until she responds…..we must rest in Him and know this is all a part of His plan. . . Not just her but many…need to respond. Soon.


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