Why Pray?

I have had a great increase in my prayer list as of late. Dear friends falling ill – great challenges in the life of family ~ things are beign shaken I believe. He is calling to many to come……others He is calling to come back – or to leave this or that.

As I was going over my list on my knees – hearing echos in my mind – it was like I was reminded. We are called to DO. I have just started a 31 day devotional on this very thing. It pains me at times that my little ones are so small – there are many challenges to being a “doer” but I do believe there is a way and it is a goal of mine to be ever more His hands and feet.

This led me to a deeper thought – on prayer – what does it mean to us? How do we use it? And what more do we use?  When the call comes, when we see the burdens and the needs…..What more can we do? Let us all pray – without ceasing.

There is great power in prayer BUT we are called to do so much more! We are His hands and feet so while we are to pray about ALL things let us remember too that when one is in need there is always more we can do to show His love for them. Sometimes I think prayer is an “easy way out” for folks…”well I prayed on it…” He calls us to DO – none are saved simply because we prayed…Got it? Its that heart and mind we are to have – so in tune to Him that we will bring it to Him in prayer and He will guide our hands and feet, our words – to show and share and truly minister to those in need in a way that is nothing but miraculous and glorifying to Him.

There are dark days we live in; His light should shine though even in that darkness.

Certainly we need to be strong in our faith we need to pray ~                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     light-up-the-darkness1                                                              Prayer warriors are so desperately needed ~ it does not stop there though.

Let us never use prayer as our spare tire ( who said it I cannot recall).

Let us never go to the place where it is all we have.

But let it be that others know us by all that we DO (prayer included).

IN their darkest hour may they know that there is one they can go to who will have such    amazing wisdom, compassion and love ~ showing them that “more”.


One thought on “Why Pray?

  1. Thank you for the encouragement that as human “beings,” we are also called to “doing” His purposes. Blessings!

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