How did it all begin? I wonder, as I read the writings of those old time preachers; all the fire and the power ~ God was there. With them, speaking to them, inspiring them. There is nothing to stir that fire within; to encourage us in our walk.

Western civilization and Christianity. Both have, sadly, been falling in place and influence as the times go by. Swanson’s book is quite riveting; a walk through the unraveling of Christianity. Chapter by chapter the top men who influenced the Western World are discussed. Swanson outlines their background, philosophies, and the impact each specific man had on future generations. From Rousseau to Marx and then to Lenin, you can see how they all are woven together. He also speaks extensively to school as he explains how the schools were set up to discredit families and to train children to follow the lead of teachers, institutions….Anything but God and family. Swanson writes that Dewey’s educational theory is simply that, “…education is all about training the individual to fit into the social entity of the state.” (Apostate pg162). One of the many reasons we choose to home educate.



As I read this one, I was surprised by some of the names that were covered: Mark Twain, Nathaniel Hawthorne, WIlliam Shakespeare. There are 15 in all and he covers each of them in amazing detail showing the connection between the man and the “state”.  He works through the philosophy of each of these men too; unweaving it one thing at a time and showing the falsehoods within. You might be quite surprised by how much is hidden in plain sight. This was obviously very highly researched so be ready for some heavy reading when you sit down with this one.

We read about The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx’s most well-known work; one that has been highly influential through the years. At the core of the document is this highly significant statement: “We destroy the most hallowed of relations, when we replace home education with social.” And then there’s the chapter on John Dewey – you should know him as the “father of education”.  So much within these pages to shock you, anger you and sadden you. What has become of Christianity today?

Kevin Swanson. Apostate: The Men Who Destroyed the Christian West (Kindle Locations 2666-2671). Generations with Vision.




3 thoughts on “Apostate

  1. In every age and era it is tragic to learn how people follow the easy road to destruction…Yet God assures us that there will always be a ‘band of survivors’ …(Isaiah 37:32), those who hope and trust in Him completely. Discouraging as the situation is with evidence of apostasy in both modern day western Christianity and as chronicled in times past, God’s people who trust in Him will stand firm…(Proverbs 10:25; Proverbs 12:7)…they will “shine as stars forever…” Daniel 12:3) and they shall never be disappointed. (Isaiah 49:23, Psalm 25:3)

    1. Amen!! As these days draw to a close, and I do believe we are so very close to His return; we need to be ever more that light and salt to everyone we meet. Now is the time for us to pray harder, grow our faith in Him stronger and surer. And be sure to walk in His steps – that others may see our good works and glorify Him. 🙂

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