Boy in need

My son and I are beginning and awesomely fun home education trip through the Bible. (I am trying to get out of the habit of using the word school – yuck! lol) So we have some fun materials for timelines and character studies; coloring sheets and recipes to bake. We are taking the year and dedicating it to God.

My children are getting older. My oldest is especially inquisitive and while he hs a great love for God, he also loves stuff and candy and fun. We work on controlling the “wanter” and keeping his blessings fresh in his mind. I watch hi struggle even now, playing with his brother and sister outside, he wants what he does not have. It will be a downfall, a great one, if he cannot get it under control. It cannot be ignored.

I have spent much time in prayer lately for my oldest son; his frustration with everything lately. He is my rebel without a cause. Really. Gone is my happy go lucky and eager to please boy. Now I find his dirty clothes everywhere and what a fight to get his clothes from his room to the basket. Putting away toys; putting up the books. Helping with chores. You name it, he fights it. And so every day I pray for God to guide me. How to direct him, how to train him. How to be the mother he needs right now. I need to correct, I need to train, but there is a way that is right and how I pray the Lord will show me that way.

For all of us it all beginnings in the beginning. And thus when I heard Him; when I had the chance to get a variety of Bible Study books, for kids, for an amazing price, it was all I needed. SO off we go. Starting in the beginning. I pray that as we undertake this journey, together, we shall all grow a bit more; learn a bit more. Understand and see His truths ever more. And show them.


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