Taste and See

As home educators we are always on the look out for fun ways to incorporate learning into our day to day life. Bake through the Bible is one of those books. We can call it home economics; we can call it Biblical training, or we can call it snack time. hehe

I was so excited to have the chance to review this one. We love to bake. All three of my little ones spend much time in the kitchen with me. We bake bread, we make our own pizza; we blend smoothies, attempt our own peanut butter and yogurt and almond milk. We dig the seeds out of just about anything we can and plant them and wait and see what grows (If anything at all!). Needless to say we really like our kitchen. And you can tell when you visit. haha

Now I have to admit we have not completed this one. Yet. Due to a bout of bronchitis that had me down for almost three weeks there was very little that we did that took place outside of the couch or my bed upstairs. But this arrived at the same time the rest of our materials came. Did I mentioned we are taking this year to journey through the Bible? Beginning to end – atlases, commentaries, timelines, concordances…We are journeying through His word for the year. And its exciting. Turns out its a tasty trip now too. 🙂

Back to Bake through the Bible. There are 20 recipes; that means 20 stories, in all within this book. And they take you from Creation to Revelation (God’s new creation its called). From tasty treats, to smoothies, tuna wraps, fruit tarts, bread, and lamb burgers each recipe goes along with a Bible story (we prefer to read our KJV for each story). With very simple directions, even pictures to show the way, these are all great recipes for little hands (still, with mommas help of course) clearly listing the ingredients and the equipment needed for each recipe.

I really like the discussion questions too! As we are new to narration and notebooking these really help to direct conversation with my older son and allow freedom artistically for my younger ones to create an image as it comes to them, for the stories we study. Some are for while you cook others are for while you eat. I have to say it is harder to engage conversation when we are eating so we usually save the while you eat for, after you have eaten.

Did I mention each recipe and lesson also has a specially written prayer? Cool hey? If you are teaching your children how to pray, this is one more bonus. We did add to some of them as we went along, and some we had to change up a bit due to wording that was a bit confusing but its just one more oportunity to help your children to learn His word, enjoy His word yumm yumm) and spend time with Him in prayer and thanksgiving.

I highly encourage taking the time to Bake through the Bible if you have the opportunity. Its a delicious time for everyone!

O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.


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