Never give UP

It occurred to me while I was laying in bed, snuggling my little girl this morning, that too often we forget that He is there. With us. All the time. When we are dancing and singing in joy. When we are shouting in anger. Coking a meal. Reading. Playing. He sees it all.

Okay so He has not answered all of our prayers. We still have unsaved family and friends; we still have those aches and pains but we have the day. Today. We have breath and life. We have time. We are blessed.

I forget as I struggle with my oldest son. He is strong willed; gifted in many ways. A smart boy who is trying to find his way. Although he is born again he still has much to learn and experience. And is God not an experience; one that is personal for each one of us? How easy it is to forget. he must find his place and his calling ~ this is something between him and Jesus. It is a leap of faith for me, as momma, to step back as I can and let him find his way.

SO many of us – do we know what our calling is? Have we fully, given all of ourselves, over to Him? I remember the fire, the passion and joy, when first reborn ~ I made sure to keep logs on the fire; to stoke it ~ keep it alive. Hot, and strong as a good fire should be. Dont we all? In the beginning. That is when it is so easy to give it all over; to hear Him; to feel His presence and follow it “blindly” in good faith alone. It seems as time goes on, at least for me, our expectations of Him rise? Maybe just a bit? We forget that He is always on time; we may be late but He is not. not once.

I came away from a gathering the other day quite disappointed; deflated? Frustrated and sad and mad. And I could not understand why things were not happening the way I planned…Get that? I planned…..Even though HE called me to this, He planned it and put the people in place – I planned (?). It’s not for me to decide who “gets it and when”. He has it all planned out. He knows. I have to trust Him.

Whether its struggles with the children as they grow; trials in our home education; marriage or just keeping the days and being a wise steward of the time I am given – its all in His hands. And the sooner I accept that; the sooner I remember to lift my eyes and my hands, the easier it will be to rest in Him. To take joy in my Lord and my salvation; that joy that we all have in the beginning. We must not loose it. We must hold on to it. Tightly.

Let us never give up – remember not just who you are but WHOSE you are.
“So glad to be walking in faith and liberty….a child of the KING….”


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