The holidays seem to be upon us. Where has the year gone? How does the time pass so quickly? Every year it seems this time comes in a rush, for me, unexpected and sudden. We move from our peaceful and relaxed days, to a bit more hurried and purposeful of time. It becomes harder to hang on to my time with my Lord – prayer, studies…they seem harder to have each year.

I remind myself often that my little ones are not so little; that one day I will have all the quiet time I long for, me and my Bible. In the meantime I need to enjoy my time with them; hang onto that joy and share God’s word as much as I can that they heart and mind may grow more and more in love with Him each day.

We use devotionals. I never use them as a stand alone; some days it feels they are though. So I was thrilled to be able to read Awakening Faith. I love the early church fathers; such wisdom and depth in their words. So much of the power and truth that is so lacking today. I also enjoy the history that is woven into their words. And this devotional is no different. It reminds me of the power of His word; it helps to strengthen me on those days when I am so very weary. I have learned and continue to learn much of the early church. Many names never before heard – there is a handy appendix full of details about the various church fathers; a list of scriptures indexed within too. Often I find devotionals to be soft and fluffy but this one is a gem. In fact this is one you keep close and read again and again gleaning much each time.

Right now those days come often. Much to do. Preparing for family and friends. Baking and gathering; crafting. This is a season full of busyness. Let us not lose our faith and our Lord though in this time.

“History instructs us, the law teaches us, prophecy foretells, rebukes condemn us, wisdom persuades us, but the book of Psalms goes further than all of these. It is medicine for our spiritual health. When we read it, we find a medicine to cure the wounds caused by any of our passions. Whoever studies it deeply will find it to be like a gymnasium for their soul, where the different psalms are like different exercises set out before them. In that gymnasium, in that stadium of virtue, they can choose the exercises that will best train them to win the victor’s crown.” ~~Ambrose


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