Bless Monday

I don’t know, Maybe there is something wrong with me but most Mondays I roll out of bed, sit up and stretch. Its a great day. A new week. I just like Mondays. Is that so wrong? Finally after the hustle and bustle; the weekend chaos and noise of everyone home and everyone wanting to know “what to do” … *giggle* Welcome back Monday! 😛

There is much I enjoy about weekends don’t get me wrong; its nice having family together. I do enjoy the times we play games; a helping hand about the house. Good times for the boys with their dad. Especially our oldest son; as he gets older, he needs more time with his dad.

Most weekends though we have errands to run; or we are about the house and the pressure is on. We must find something to do. I can easily enjoy a weekend home – resting, reading, puzzles, model building, sewing (Learning to anyway – is on my bucket list) So much I would love to try my hand at.

Unfortunately this is not the season for all that. I am reminded that I have a family of little ones. And not so little ones. It came to mind the other day that in 10 more years my oldest can get married. In 8 more years he can drive; get a job. And we want another one or more still 😛  Some say we are crazy.

Its not about me. Or you. You know? I forget that sometimes. I get mad and sulky because “I want to….” and there is more about the day than I want there to be. There are boys that want to read stories; a daughter who wants to snuggle. A husband who has favorite shows he wants to share with me (and I dislike television – truly!) And I lament…When is it my turn to do my thing?

That servant’s heart. That joyful and grace full spirit – I need that. More. I pray for that. Daily. I still forget sometimes. The years go by quickly. Does it matter if I have read every book I desired to? Does it matter if I can sew or crochet or knit the most amazing things? If there is no love felt in our home – if all my kids remember is “busy mom”.

I know I cannot always be “fun mom” but I can be “true mom”. One who speaks the truth and shows the love to her family. One who balances the joy of life with the rules; who shows Jesus and shares Jesus. A mom who blesses every day. Not just Monday. I can look to each day as one to share His joy, His light. And Bless His Name.


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