Not my Favorite

Tis the season …. not MY season ….. for so many though right now is the busiest; most stressful, loneliest time of the year. I know those who overflow with joy this time of year. I know many too, who are full of sorrow right now. Are we focused on the season? For a season?

I tend to be one who doesn’t “do” Christmas. Yes that sounds strange to many. But I like to think as a faithful Christ follower, He is with me every moment of every year. I fear for the time that I celebrate His birth, His death, His resurrection at a specific time of year. I am not condemning those who do but I am saying consider, prayerfully, all that you do, in His name.

I don’t see Christ in Christmas much. Its not His birthday I am sure. All the details in the scriptures I have studied and read; not one jot of it points to this time of year being that of His birth. Nor does it tell us we should celebrate His birth. And consider this, a point brought to light by one quite dear to my heart…When you celebrate the birth one of who has always been? He is THE one Creator….. Makes you think.

I plan, as always, for our family to minister to others as we have the opportunity; in His name and for His glory. I do believe there is so much more for ALL of us whether we are saved or know Him not. But we NEED to know Him; His name and His power. His love and His grace; His forgiveness, His mercy. We can do no good thing without Him after all.

I seek to be always separate from the world; I seek to be always that salt and light we are called to be. Most importantly seek feet that go where He would have me go and conversation full ALWAYS of grace. I don’t want to be the answer; I want to have the answer for any who seek it.

So while I do not condone Christmas; I do not celebrate it with the world we continue to seek and celebrate our Creator who was and is and is to come as being the ONE and ONLY thing that we need. All year. We shall praise and worship Him at all times. It is a beautiful time of year indeed; the snow on the ground; I love the chill that makes it so your breath can be seen (is that not so lovely; somewhat powerful too?)

Let us gather together and seek Him on those moments. Let us not get “too busy” for Him. Its not about gifts; nor is it about trees and decorations, lights and all that “stuff”. But this time and all times, its about Him. We are so very blessed when we know Him; when we know His name. Jesus.

Whisper it. Continually. In praise; in tears; in love. Without ceasing.