No Time – A Schoolhouse Review

I just don’t have time. Not enough. Home education takes planning. It takes resourcefulness. A crafty soul. That is NOT me. Well, the crafty part isn’t me. The researching and resourceful part – that’s all me. Problem is I get so distracted with all the goodies along the way. Especially online – one click leads to another – next thing I know time for planning is over and I have a whole lot of nothing. lol

There are a few websites I will “crash” when I need a right now plan for our day but I have yet to find one that I really fell in love with….Until now. My children and I recently met And to say we enjoy it is to speak mildly. We LOVE it. We were blessed recently with a chance to review this site and again, I say wow. Just WOW!! Is there anything more they could have?

So is a product of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  You can get a whole year of access to the site for $139 in the month of December. Keep reading too see how great of a deal this is!  I was blessed with the Yearly Membership Option. And I tell you, it’s a steal. Really.  So very reasonable considering all you have access to. There is lesson material for almost all subjects and grade levels (Pre-K all the way through high school). Every month you get a free e-book, 5 different planners (I am a horrible planner so – BONUS!), and Expo-To-Go sessions are all included. Did I say Whooo Hoooo, yet? haha

SO to give you an idea as to how we use this; I swear by Charlotte Mason when it comes to home education so I was more than thrilled to find tons of links within this site dedicated to her methods. I spent (too much) time I admit going through the lesson archives – AWESOME – myself. Composer and hymn studies; habit training ( a big deal with my oldest right now, who is 8) and I could go on.

For example, my son is in guitar lessons and has an amazing teacher in our hometown. But in between lessons we can come to this site and study a bit more theory; we can check fingers and chords. There are handy visuals and some nice videos too although my son was not very interested in watching them. It did help me a it though as I know very little about guitar.  From there we had the chance to do some composer studies; we focused on Haydn and for now his piece entitled The Creation: “The Heavens are Telling the Glory”.  We learned some neat things about him too. Did you know Haydn was famous for his pranks. While studying at St. Stephens Cathedral, he cut off the ponytail of a fellow chorus member. He was caned and summarily dismissed with no home to go to. While on the street, Haydn became a “street serenader” and was soon discovered by a successful composer who took him in as a student. And my son was amazed to learn that after his death, phrenologists took his head from his grave and brought it back for study. Haydn’s head made its way safely to the wonderful display in the Esterhazy estate where the rest of his body lay peacefully then and to this day. (blech)  But this all fits in fabulously with where we are right now in Bible Study and with our recently starting with Mystery of History too! Right there was a link to the mp3 so we could listen to this piece and we did that a few times. Being that I studied classical music for over 20 years of my life; this is something I seek to instill a love of, in my children as well.

Everything is all in one place. Printable too!  And the lesson archives on the site? I cannot say enough – I spent too much and not enough time on there. hehe  There is the Hebrew, the math, reading, astronomy, classical history…What more could one want?  Okay – my son did see that there was no Chinese language learning on there but the site was redeemed when he found art and guitar lessons, masses of them, and that kept him busy for at least a day or two. And gave us some ideas for gifts in the future. 🙂  Its super duper easy to get around on this site. And there is so much to do there! It is really quite an adventure. For all of us 🙂  Be warned: you can easily lose your day or days when you get into this site. I know I have said it before, but I will say it again, there is SO MUCH there … Lots of amazing information; activities and encouragement; planning tools and already made lesson plans. Webinars too. Did I mention those before?

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Some of us have not been home educating forever and so any and all advice,encouragement, inspiration and guidance is a blessing indeed. These are fraught with all of the above. 🙂  SO I encourage you (newbie, tired home educator, burned out momma) grab some coffee or tea – whatever you fancy – and sit for a while. Print off some lesson plans and enjoy, with all ages. There really is more than enough!  If you are as convinced as  I was that this is an excellent resource for home education check this out – For December they are having a Buy One Get One Special, on their Yearly Membership Option (which is $139). On top of a yearly membership you will also get a copy of the 2014 print issue when it is released (US only). Don’t forget this also includes the Schoolhouse Library and a free 1-year membership to for a friend. Are there any home educators you know and need to shop for? Cha-Ching 😛