I Got … IT ?

I am so tired lately. I do not remember the last time I really felt like I had anything to blog. It feels like for ever ago. But I know it was not quite that long. 😛

My oldest son and I are working through some things. We are reading the Bible together ~ learning about the value of attitude and heart. Today we read about Joseph. Is that not something that can make many of us shudder? I am sad to admit that I would likely not have been as full of grace as he was. His story, I always saw as so sad. So unfair. Sure in the end it all worked out but still.

My son was good enough to point out that no matter where Joseph was, God blessed him and blessed those who were with him; for Joseph’s sake. That is pretty awesome. I mean, imagine being an Egyptian back then. Life is good, you have enough, maybe a bit more than you need. Then along comes Joseph and wow – beyond your imagination. Things are beyond words. Everything is just…more. Than ever before. You KNOW it s God’s hand. Makes me wonder what happened to those who were near to Joseph in that time> Do you think they gave it all and turned their faces to His? The ONE TRUE God? I think it would be hard not to.

I get it. Its about his heart. His frame of mind. How different might it have been if Joseph had kicked and cried and wailed? If he was more like I am sometimes – do you think God would have blessed things as He did? I forget myself sometimes that it is the smallest of things that mean the most sometimes. I mean, Joseph was sure, his faith was strong. He knew not what the plan was but he entrusted his life to his God. And look how it turned out in the end.

When we love Him; it shows in every thing. Our demeanor, our attitude, our life. It is different. And people see that. I think too often we believe that we have to do something big; something so amazing and so great and crazy that people all stop in utter awe. At us. Not at Him. The key is to point them to Jesus – Let our lives and the things within them, be that which makes us a light, a beacon, to those seeking needs that only HE can provide for. Maybe it is our smile, our dress or our quiet spirit – whatever it is, let it show our love for Him. And His love for us.



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