Praying for Boys: Asking God for the Things They Need Most

I admit it. When it comes to my boys I am pretty clueless. I thought (efore I had kids) that boys would be the easiest of the two. No pressure; lots more fun and lots less drama than those girls. What did I know? haha

I have been lost; time and again. Just when I think I get it, something changes in the game and I am again, looking for answers. Crying in the wilderness, if you will. Its a challenge for sure, to understand and keep up with their needs as children while also ensuring that they are being raised up to be those Godly men that we desperately need more of today.

I love that I had the chance to join the review team for the book, Praying for Boys. Call me crazy but it never occurred to me, in all my struggles and worries and fears, to get on my knees for my boys. Not like this. What a book. A gem for any and every mother of boy because let’s face it, at some point we have all been lost and desperately seeking another way.

Not sure where to begin? There is a 21 day prayer “guide” if you will that comes with this book. Blessing after blessing I say 🙂 Want to start a small group? An online study for some friends? There is a guide for that in the back of this book. We must remember we are not alone. And God is not against us. He is 100% for us!

Consider all those moms in the Bible? Where were they before they had those boys and how amazing is it how in every one of their lives there is a great testimonial that comes from them seeking God? Maybe Sarah had some doubts before but she trusted in God when Abraham left with their son to take that trip up the mount. And what about Samson’s mother? She was barren for so very long – I am sure it seemed an impossibility to her. But then God moved. Let us cry out as Manoah did in Judges, “O Lord, please lethem t an of God be whom you sent come again unto us, and teach us what we are to do with the child who will be born.”

Prayer is such a powerful and simple tool. We are blessed with the ability to enter into that prayer closet, get on our knees and come out sure that things are different. That His will shall be done. Too often, prayer is a last resort. When I have tried “everything” I go to Him. Instead of seeking His will, aligning my steps with His, I try to change, and correct things that I see as being wrong. And yet I am reminded time and time again of how those little things, and those big things too (my son is so loud, he is stubborn, he cannot sit still, he is restless..) how they could be used for something great. How quickly I sometimes forget that it is His way, his plan, not mine. Silly me, thinking because something doesn’t work for me, does not fit into my idea of how he should do something, it is wrong. God’s way is always perfect. When we go to Him first and foremost, we will remember this. And we will know that He has a purpose and a plan that all things will be done for His glory. In the lives of them that love Him.

Let us remember and train up our children in a great way. Let us remember His word, praying it daily, over and for and with our boys.

That they may grow into bold men of God. ❤


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