Spit and Mud

In your face. Gross. Messy. These are words I use tom describe my children, mostly my boys. My daughter knows how to get in there too but often she prefers to be on the sidelines. Watching. And then she “testifies” of all those boys did. 😛

Last night I heard someone say something similar about John chapter 9. You know that one right? The blind man who gains his sight after Jesus spits in some mud, making clay and then rubbing it on the guy’s eyes…He goes and washes in the exact pool he was told to (Obedience) and he can see. Glory to God right? Yet he is the only one willing, though countless folks were near for this awesome miracle, none would testify but he. Strange eh?

Made me wonder. Like I heard recently, we cannot just be idle bystanders to Jesus and His signs and wonders and miracles. We must be willing to put ourselves out there. The blind man got himself kicked out of the synagogue for proclaiming the truth; giving God the glory for his vision….It didn’t make him “the right” kind of popular. So what kind of popular are we? Will we stand by like those other folks, like his parents even, and refuse or deny the miracle we witnessed? Or will we shout from the rooftops that our God is a healer? Will we testify?

There is so much happening around the world right now. It is simply overwhelming. And as I have heard many say, sadly I too, need to confess that signs and wonders and miracles have happened in my presence…Yet I fail to testify of these things to others. Testimonies. They are what bring people to that place. God brings them to us, we speak to them and then…If it is His will, they shall come to a service; they shall experience true worship of the Lord and be moved. They perhaps may feel His presence, experience His power and glory and be changed.  But only if we speak up. I am not worried about being kicked out of the synagogue – surely it is better to have the sight, blessed by God, then to have the sight that is nothing more than a curse. I consider today as I prepare to blog more, and social network a lot less, how I can share those amazing things of God which have occurred in my life, in the lives of those around me, for the glory of God!


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