Are you Playing by House Rules? Review~

It isn’t often that I read or review books of fiction. I admit I have been told I am “too serious” for my own good sometimes. I love to read. I don’t get enough time to read everything that I would like to. That said, I am trying to be even more careful, of the books I choose to read and review.

I was intrigued by the description I read for this one:

“Robert, I don’t have any savings. My house is worth less than I owe on it. I have no rich relatives. Mary’s car was totaled, and mine’s a piece of junk. I have little hope my wife will live, and if the child survives, he will be severely handicapped and need medical attention and care all his life.” Joe paused trying to imagine what the future might hold for him and his son. “Possibly down the road when I’m more financially secure, I can adopt your standards, if I feel convicted to, but for the time I’m stuck with the state plan. Besides, I’ve paid my taxes all my life. Don’t they owe it to me? I don’t see how I can do it otherwise.”

Joe has to face reality…everything he has worked for, everything he loves in life is crashing around him and he is being pressured on all sides to cave in to the inevitable. Will he give up his rights and bow to the darkness surrounding him or will his faith in God’s providence, and his convictions cause him to do the absolute right?

How many people do we know who are in this very position today? Living out these experiences; unsure of what the next day holds for them and their families. I was not disappointed. As my children gets older I do believe this will be one added to the list of required reading for their home education too. It is a portrait of real life; not how we think it is or how it should be but as it is. In all its guts and glory (to take a phrase from my son).  As the days progress and as we live out more and more of these End Times I do believe it will be that much more important, and valuable, to our children, to understand how life really works. And to understand that even in that mess, getting our hands dirtier than we may like, there is glory to God.

This book will make you think. About your preconceived notions; about all you have believed for so long and what it really means. Eye opening, thought provoking. We need many more books like these 🙂


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