The Master’s Quilt by Michael Webb ~ Review

I think too much. I always wondered what happened to that one Centurion. You know? The one who pierced Christ’s side? What happened to that guy? The one in the midst of such a powerful time in history?

The Master’s Quilt “answers” that very question. In a fictional way of course. My oldest son liked the idea of this story. The crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth – this was a once in a life time experience – how could any who were present for this not come away totally and completely changed? And so we added this to our list of reading material for this season in our home education. A good study in “what if” if you ask me. A chance to practice an enjoyment of fiction while also exercising that discernment that we all need when reading anything that is Biblical in nature (fiction or non).

So the main character is this Centurion, Deucalion Quinctus, who was so very close ad involved in the death of Jesus Christ. And can you imagine the struggles he goes through following this event. We read as he seeks out the truth of this man whose death he was a key player in. Historically this strikes me as a very accurate read; sometimes a bit difficult to follow. Sometimes more detail than i think was really needed but even in the times I had to struggle to keep reading, it was definitely worth it in the end. šŸ™‚

This really made me think; my own son had lots of thoughts on this too as we read. What it was like back then. How did they live and how hard must it have been for them to be followers of Christ before His death and then after? How much harder was it for this Centurion, as he sought the truth amongst such dangerous times. A place and time when it wasn’t okay to be one of His followers and speak truth. (this led to many discussions on this very thing, in the world today, around the world – my son has such a heart for those who are persecuted for Christ!)

As with any historical book, there is of course some dramatic embellishment. Events that did not take place exactly so; characters that may or may not have really been there and said and done the things said and done in this tale. And of course, we must take it for what it is, an historical account of days that none really know all the details of. A time in the world that was so very life changing, and continues to be so. This is a book that, challenges you to think, to imagine those days and times, considering “if you were there…”


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