Do You Hear Him?

Do you hear Him? He is calling you …. He wants you to take His hand and follow Him? Hear these words that He wants you to see. Such a gift; a blessing you cannot even imagine. Hear – observe – obey.

I sat in a Bible study last night; my Aunt is learning the Word of God. And on occasion, my cousin’s daughter, who is 18, comes to sit in for a bit. She has quite the troubles in life; many self afflicted wounds and others that she cannot shake off because truly we are our worst enemy. Those we entangle ourselves to can be a blessing or a curse. Our thoughts, words and actions … All in some way are a part of the fabric of our yesterday and today. Even tomorrow. Careful!

Anyway I was in awe, captivated watching as our friend taught last night. You could see the disdain, when the Word offended it was clear; at the same time this girl could not stop chatting online long enough and could not once stop what she was doing to engage with us. How can she be offended? How can see not gather how important this information is ? To her?

I remember when she was small; I would watch her and play with her and what a fun little girl she was. Wispy blonde hair and chubby little cheeks; a big bright smile and those sparkling eyes….What happened to those sparkles? How did the joyful and innocent smile turn into the smile she has today that is a shadow, an attempt to “be okay”. No longer does she seem to reach out for anyone’s hand; rather she smiles (See, I’m fine?) while pieces of her broken heart and life are shattered about her feet. No matter how low she goes, it is not an option to ask for help. Sad. So very heart breaking. Who she was then and who she is today. A shadow of the girl I knew.

I want to know this girl who I used to get such joy from. I want to share with her how Jesus is exactly what she needs. All that she needs. I want to tell her how the drugs and the drinking, the boyfriends and girlfriends and the games….They will never fill her full. They will only provide for a moment and in the blink of an eye she will be empty again. It is that way for a reason.    Pray for me, as you read this, please pray that He will enlarge her heart; that He will lift that veil ever so slightly. Just a glimpse is all she needs; enough to bring that thirst that cannot be quenched. For it is just that which brings up to the well; a thirst only He can quench. 

Desire. Desperation. We need that if we are going to come to Him and seek Him. How important it is for us to know, not just believe or agree, but to know that He IS all we need. He is the answer; the strength and the love and the power. He heals, He delivers, He protects, He fills us full – When we are in need it is to Him we must go. unfilled….It  But if we are so sure of ourselves, of friends or family; of our own “wisdom” and ability to provide and survive….He cannot reach us when there are things, people, in His way. Let go. Listen for Him. 

Do you hear Him? He is calling but He will not keep calling forever. You must answer. I am sad for her; I pray for her because that hole only He can fill. To live a long life with  that emptiness inside, that constant edge gnawing at you as you know there is more. It is unreachable, unattainable. Nothing fills it for long. That hole. That longing and desire for more. Always seeking something more…I pray for anyone who lives in that way.

“…the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls:Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it. “(Matt 13:45)

Have you found that goodly pearl? I know I have.


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