Revelation and the Antichrist ~ Review

The word revelation by definition speaks to things being revealed that are hidden. An unveiling, of future events, of knowledge. An ability to see clearly even, if you will.

The Book of Revelation is an amazing book. A puzzle, in many ways, that can only be read and understood when God Himself reveals these mysteries to you. As I do love puzzles and mysteries, I was very quick to accept the opportunity to review this book. So often I find there are more books written based on an opinion of what the book says and lacking scriptural notes. They just don’t make you exercise that faith.

Unfortunately this was not much different from most I have read previously. While it was a very easy read there was very little that made me say “aha” Now I know that this is not really a good prerequisite for a book; I mean I am no super genius, no Bible scholar by far, but I do have His spirit living within and believe that He guides me and my reading material. Sometimes more closely than I would like. haha

There is a great deal of detail within this book; much symbolism too.  And while I do agree that this book of the Bible is rich in just that, I sadly believe that in many cases the meaning was lost in all the symbolism.  It can be a challenge for many yet often we over think His word and what His meaning is within. It is simple; in many cases what it says. Don’t get me wrong there are things to be gleaned from this book I am sure, but for me personally, there are too many spots that I question his explanation of.  I do appreciate that there was much scripture used, linking those outside of the Book of Revelation to those within so you could see (again) correlations made throughout the Bible.. ( New Testament anyway).  As with all things, I stress we as readers, must pray, seek Him and be discerning in all that we read, letting His word be the ultimate authority. And some things that we just cannot understand? Perhaps it is His will.

Bless the Lord 🙂


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