Six Days ~ Review

For if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who will prepare for battle? (1 Corinthians 14: 8)

Too many in the church and outside of the church are watering down the word of God. Too many are compromising what the Bible says. We are called to be the watchers on the wall but that does not mean we are to just sit by and watch. We need to also be out there; proclaiming the truth of God’s word.

I have read a great deal of Ken Ham’s books; we have as a family visited the Creation Museum and we cannot wait to go back. I am always eager to read his writings and share the brilliance and confirmation of God and creation.

In Six Days he examines how compromise starting in Genesis, particularly in regard to the six days of creation and the earth’s age, have filtered down from the Bible colleges and seminaries to pastors—and finally to parents and their children. As in Already Gone and Already Compromised there is a great deal of detail provided for his stance taken within these pages.

It is clear that we need to understand and know how defend our faith more and more. As so many come against the word of God, we must be able to not just believe, but to give an answer for the hope in us. And our faith. We cannot bring others to the gospel when we do not know ourselves. Sadly too many do not know the word well enough to use it and defend it when they are called to do so and as with all of his writings, he provides a strong foundation and argument for the Word of God.

As with so many I have read; this is a must read for anyone in the faith. We need more than ever to be strong and sure of what we believe. As always Ken Ham articulates quite well just how we can do that within Six Days. This is one that we will be reading again and again, as a way to equip ourselves and our children too, in their faith as they age. Let us learn and study, every day, that we ma be wise and discerning about the things of God versus the things of this world.

As a parent especially, and a home educator, I see so many things from the zoo, to museums and workshops for kids, that share the message the public school sends. They are on the same page. Unfortunately, many Christians, are not so much in one accord as the world is. But we need to be. We need to show a strong and aligned support FOR the Word of God. Every word of it. For it is truth. It is a revelation. It brings me joy to know that my oldest son, although only 8, already seeks to “correct” and “advise” others when God’s word is challenged. He knows that there were six days of Creation and a day of rest. He knows that there are not millions of years but why doesn’t everyone else know this?

We who have this great revelation, have a great responsibility. We MUST share what we know with those who do not have all the information. Let us go out and preach the word!


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