Loving Skirts

There has always been something about a woman in a dress, or skirt, that makes me look twice. (when modesty dressed of course!) What a difference. Maybe its just me but I have always sensed more of a calm, a peace and confidence, a sweet spirit, from women dressed like this. Aren’t we as women to strive for just that too? Seek that kind of blessing?

Tasha Tudor is quoted: “Why do women want to dress like men when they’re fortunate enough to be women? Why lose femininity, which is one of our greatest charms? We get more accomplished by being charming than we would be flaunting around in pants and smoking. I’m very fond of men. I think they are wonderful creatures. I love them dearly. But I don’t want to look like one. When
women gave up their long skirts, they made a grave error…”

I was once one of those women. I flaunted pants; if I wore a skirt or dress it surely was rarely a tasteful one. I smoked and I rushed about – always somewhere to be and something to do (like a man perhaps, on the job?) I looked much like one in dress; I acted like one as well. It changes things. We do not think it does…We refuse to consider that it might. Heaven forbid if we are wrong. What if we all began to dress like women again? Perhaps we could then be, more comfortably, that which we were created to be.

In case you have not figured it out yet I wear nothing but skirts and dresses; in every thing that I do. I have a collection of leggings and tights to go under for when I garden or bike ride (which is a rare occasion with three littler ones). We went sledding even this winter and the looks and questions I got! But I also know, it makes such a difference, in how we feel and act and how others feel and act towards us even. And in case you wonder, I was never told to dress this way. No one ever said I must wear this or that. In fact when I talk with others, not once have I told them they must either. But I have to say, there is nothing feminine about pants.Nothing soft and gentle, not a thing that is inspiring or shows us as His followers, to be different. We are not lighter for wearing them. In fact I do believe in His kingdom we will all have the most lovely long dresses (maybe robes) covering us. Soft and long, flowing and clean. And yet with a beauty like nothing else.

It all begins in the heart;one reflects the other. We are to adorn ourselves “with modesty and self control” If we profess Godliness, our motivation should, thus be distinct from our culture, as it relates to appearance, dress and fashion.” When I did wear pants, I made a point of not wearing them when I was going to a place where I wanted to make an impression. I could be soft and gentle; I could be a lady at the table and for the meeting. I knew (I know we don’t want to admit it but its true) that there would be a difference I could make based on how I dressed. Regardless of how we like it, it is true, that there is a first impression made. Based on sight. What do we see? What you do or what you wear, will it cause somebody to stumble?      It makes a difference.

King David walked on his roof top. He was lazy; he was disobedient; he was out of God’s will. But also he saw a woman washing herself. She was either out in a yard where everybody could see her, or else she was in the house without the curtains drawn. And she was equally guilty in that experience. David should have been out fighting the battles. The Bible says it was a time that kings to war and David stayed at home? What’s wrong here?

The Bible says, “It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak.” It all goes back to Cain and Abel; we are our brother’s keeper. What we do makes a difference to someone; we may not know it but it does. In all times we need to be aware of how what we do may cause another to stumble. God gives us His word, and His spirit to guide us in so very many things!

So many times, in the scriptures we see it. Someone is selfish, lazy, arrogant, maybe they are just tired. Either way they do what they should not, and then when another falls, they are upset that the finger is pointed their way. At the same time I wonder how different so many things would have played out if only…..Adam had admitted his fault in the Garden. What if Moses had been repentant when he struck the rock, rather than speaking to it as he was commanded to do? The man who stumbles is just as much at fault, as the one who caused him to.

I know none of us want to be the one to blame but let’s face it – Honestly, where is the love? I think about the days so long ago; how I dressed and presented myself to others…I imagine there are many who I was a stumbling block to. Let’s face it, we are the company we keep. If we are not careful, that bad company, will corrupt us. So many wise words, within His word, and trying to guide us, warning us, that we will not go astray. If we will only listen. If we will only be willing to consider that maybe, our way, isn’t the best way after all.

That said, I want to begin blogging more on these things. I shall share, as the time allows (or little ones I should say hehe) these revelations. The meaning and purpose for all that I do, as I seek to live and walk, in His steps. After all, more and more I am reminded almost daily it seems, that we are to be ready, in every time, to give an answer for the hope in us. And how I need to share and show how the hope in me comes from Him alone.



One thought on “Loving Skirts

  1. I wear a skirt or dress 99% of the time when I leave home. If I wear pants, capri’s, sweat pants etc. I wear a long shirt that comes mid- thigh or lower – but this is rare. It’s a long story how I arrived there. However, I do love watching peoples reactions, especially when we are camping in 105 degree weather, swimming, and involved in other such activities : )

    Kingdom Life & Blessings

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