Prophet on the Run ~ Review

I love the story of Jonah. I have always love this book of the Bible; there is so much hope and love shown within it. A testimony to how, no matter how far we run, no matter how deep our sin, He always makes a way.

Jonah is a Prophet on the Run. And this book is an amazing revelation and reminder of so much that we can learn from this little, yet so very deep, book within the Bible. A devotional but not a devotional; a commentary but not a commentary. Baruch Maoz beautifully and practically breaks down this book showing amazing jewels within.

We all too often read the Bible and forget that all of those tales within; all of the people we read about, are there to teach us and to edify us. But what happens when we read the Word and do not apply it to our own lives? Just today I was hearing a preaching on how important it is for us to, daily, examine ourselves. How aligned with the Word of God is our life? In this little book (which was so very hard for me to put down once I began) we see just what we can learn, and how we can apply, lessons from the Book of Jonah, to our daily lives.

This is a book of repentance. A book of deliverance. There is so much that shows His mercy and His grace. It is also a wonderful reminder that sometimes, the God of love, is not a warm fuzzy one but one that is full of sorrow and anger. “We are reminded of our deserved punishment” with those harder messages. We are taught that sometimes, correction and punishment is needed, in order for us to truly turn from sin and toward our Lord. So often, I am chided for not being softer, gentler, and more loving in messages I have shared and yet the people of Ninevah…they were given a “terrible” message, and they responded by clothing themselves in sackcloth. They repented and fasted and prayed. They turned to the ONE true God. They saw and responded.

Would we? When someone comes to us with a less than savory message how do we respond? We want to be able to be “someone” in the eyes of the world. But how concerned are we with being the “apple of His eye”?


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