My “perfect” Mess

Last Sunday my son was asked by our Pastor to help him out in a sermon he was preaching. My son happily agreed of course and came back with a giant trophy (seriously, it was quite a big bigger than he was) and began to wait for his cue.

It was an amazing sermon. Our Pastor used that big shiny trophy, and my son, to make a wonderful point. So often we see ourselves through accomplishments. We prefer honour; not humility. Medals and trophies and ribbons….these are things that shall fade away in time. But a point was made when he took the trophy from my son and told the church “Look at the real trophy…”

I got all teary eyed – I admit it. I get down on myself. A lot. My own worst critic. And my kid’s too. But that one hit home, hard. Our children are blessings from the Lord. Those friends and even acquaintances, in the faith, neighbors….All are placed exactly where they need to be. As He has planned for us and for them. There is a love for each and every one of us; a joy that comes from hearing ours prayers and worship. Seeings us seeking and walking in His ways.

We are the trophy. We are what matters. The apple of His eye even. And we are to love one another; as thyself. He did not come to be served. But to serve. How can we think it is so different for us?

A dear friend commented to me about how cool that was that Pastor chose our son to assist him and how our son shows what a good job we are doing. I had to laugh a bit because really, I think it shows how amazing God is. My son and I are so very different; its hard for us to “get along” because of how opposite we are in so many ways. And I admit it, I lose patience with him often. I get frustrated more easily when we are doing our thing. I just do not understand him. And so often I think I am just plain messing him up because of all of that. In my desire to “fix” him and make him the boy I imagined he would be (a sweet, quiet boy who loved to read and write; who did not like to be loud and shout and run and just be all around crazy!) I pray that God will help me to not make things even worse.

And so I love that boy every second of the day. We have lots of moments that are just made up of bear hugs and confirmations that “I love you” Reminders of how awesome God is and how obvious it is that God is in control. That He guides my son and inspires him to do His will.  No matter what I do or say, on the worst days, I can proudly look at my son, even though he is so not like me, and he brings a tear to my eye. My baby, my first born who is so full of fire for the Lord (and only 8 years old), who loves nothing more than to be loud and messy and creative and dirty and build the most unique things with his legos.

It’s the perfect mess. God loves to work in the midst of this because of course, I know, it’s not me. Its the weak times, those impossible places where He does so much. We are just the mess that He works in. May we lean on Him always, may we never forget that He is the one that fills us full. Lean on Him and amazing things, signs and miracles and wonders, WILL show.

Give God the Glory                                                                                    284870_10150324088260280_7760292_n


8 thoughts on “My “perfect” Mess

  1. You made me teary eyed. Once they are grown, you see them differently. Luckily, my two sons are just like me, my daughter though is like her dad. I have one son though that when we get together, it’s all laughter. Everyone else thinks we’re crazy to be laughing at nothing. It’s a wonderful feeling.


  2. Thank you for sharing this. It’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘have to dos’ and lose sight of the gifts we have…beside us, in our laps, snoozing on our shoulders.

    Found you via BYB

  3. I Love those moments when you get those big hugs and kisses or the simple I love you mom. It seems no matter how hard the day is these things heal everything. I hope you have an awesome day

  4. I love the title ‘my perfect mess’ because that’s exactly how I feel about my life! I think it’s great when a pastor involves children in the service. Just last Sunday my 5 year old daughter was called up on the platform to hold out a staff and pretend to be Moses parting the Red Sea. It was adorable and lovely people commented on how cute she was but it was really about making the scripture come alive for her and the other children in the sanctuary – helping them realize that they are a vital piece of God’s narrative and I think that’s a beautiful gift any pastor can give.

  5. Aww, great post. Sometimes we need to just need to pause and remember what really matters. Society is all about win, win, win, go, go, go…but, all that matters is us, and what we do to help each other.

  6. A beautiful post! I find myself trying to fix things too, whereas I should enjoy them just as they are. Thank you for the wonderful reminder of what is truly important in our lives.

  7. Loved what you had to say! Thank you for being so real! No one wants to admit they get frustrated with their kids, but EVERYBODY does at some point(s)! It’s a beautiful reminder, knowing that we don’t have to be perfect parents, but that God really does work right there in the mess!

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