Something New

So I get all these emails of various bloggers listing favorite reads each week and I thought – why not ? So many times I come across amazing reads and I may share little bits here and there. But it occurred to me that my husband and I can read the exact same Bible verse and get two different things out of it – A message for each, as is needed. Same goes for other reads, right? So I am praying that there is enjoyment and blessings for one of you dear readers from one of these links that I have enjoyed, and in some cases, will enjoy again 🙂

We are buried in snow here in Wisconsin. Just when it looks like spring is coming, here comes more snow. Now I love it, it is so pretty and encourages me and my kiddos to enjoy blankets and books and legos….So much we can do when we want to be indoors and aren’t wishing we were somewhere else. But I do so enjoy my garden too and I cannot wait for spring for that very reason. In my excitement I have started considering other ways we can grow right now and this was a really neat article. I had no idea some of this was even possible. What a way to save money, do some learning and enjoy real fresh foods at home:

My son is very crafty. He is 8 and so creative. Loves to draw and paint and build. He is also considered somewhat gifted, somewhat attention deficit (I do not personally believe its anything more than him being a boy myself). He has started building models, using SnapTite sets, not bad for cost but they are not very sturdy. He found this site though the other day and it’s something we plan to give a try now too. Papercrafting. I think it looks fun. Not sure I have steady enough hands myself (way too much coffee for me haha) But these are all kinds of freebies you can print and create. Just mind boggling to me!

Home education. It’s been somewhat of a mess here lately. As my oldest grows I find different needs, different things work; some things that were awesome before just aren’t anymore. I love reading things like this. An excellent reminder; what is it all about and what should it be. There are so many blessings to being able to educate at home; we need to remember them and stop pressuring ourselves to make this something it is not and should not be. Besides its not about me but about my children. All three different; all three uniquely created.

And then there is my quest, always seeking, better reads for my kids. My oldest is not much of a reader; he can but its rare to see him sitting with a book so I am always trying to find and encourage a love of reading. I came across this and the memories…So many of these i remember reading and I will be visiting the bookstore soon to begin adding many of these to our collection. (I know my hubby is so glad to know that I have more books to bring home)

And lastly, a reminder and inspiring piece for any of us who may be struggling, even just a bit, in our marriages. A reminder that what we see in the media, what many are taught, is not what marriage truly is. If we keep our eyes on Him; we know that He orders our steps and we must have faith and love one another through good and bad times. It is never easy. What we think is right, is not always right. It’s a blessing, marriage, a gift from the Lord and all good gifts require care and love.

I could keep reading. I could share so much more. But for now, signing off. Praying blessings to all of you. May your steps be ordered by the Lord in all things!



4 thoughts on “Something New

    1. Those are so cute!!! Will have to give them a try sometime. We are pretty new to it ourselves; my oldest is 8 and just so amazingly creative. He doesn’t get it from me I know. haha

  1. Thank so much for sharing those links- I always love seeing what other people are reading! Brrr snow sounds very cold, we are still in summer here in NZ so have been in the pool!

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