It’s Music Time with Kinderbach ~ A Schoolhouse Review

Kinderbach Review

My oldest son started taking guitar lessons a few months ago. He has always loved music. It started with singing in our church’s youth choir. When I found him a used guitar, child size, and a teacher that we could afford, he was tickled pink. But my two little ones are longing for their turn and it just so happens that we have a keyboard hidden away, that is longing to be used. If only I remembered all I learned when I played so long ago. You can imagine my excitement when I was presented with the opportunity to be a part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for KinderBach ( with The KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner;  with full access to all online lessons for six months.. And if you want to take it on the go? Check out KinderBach’s App for iPad or iPhone . Dust that keyboard off!

Kinderbach ReviewKinderbach Review

Initially this was something I planned to do with my younger two; this is geared towards ages 3-7, but can be used by those slightly below and above those ages. My youngest are 2 and 4and for them it was fun right from the beginning. We started with lesson one (just because they are so young). They begin with teaching the landscape of the keyboard and how the fingers should be used. The second week they teach high and low, using such a fun game where the kids have to listen and get up high or go down low, as they hear the low or high notes played. My two little ones had a blast with this. I think we replayed this one at least 5 or 6 times before they were too tired to move on. Movement and music – a great way to teach and they don’t have to sit still for it all! For each unit there is a lesson book too. We printed these off and put them in a handy binder for the kids to complete as we went along. With the younger two they were not too into the worksheets honestly, but my oldest son’s interest was piqued by the pages.

Kinderbach Review

There are six units, and for each unit there is a lesson book. We printed these off and put them in a handy binder for the kids to complete as we went along. I have to admit that we have not used these as much as I would like. The activity books have coloring pages (great for my 2 year old daughter although she does not color much right now)and various learning games (example: star hands where you color match the number and finger to one another). In some there are music theory teachings, in others it could be a beat, or how to count various notes and some are cut and paste activities ( we love scissors and glue).

I really like the games because it helps them to focus on what they hear while also seeing what it looks like on paper. While the videos were short and cute my younger two are no much for watching although they did enjoy some of the animated characters. My daughter just adores Carla and Dodi.  What a fun way to begin learning music! Between the videos and all the materials offered in the activity books there are just so many different ways to learn.

Kinderbach Review
Online subscriptions begin at $7.99 per month, this is a great deal compared to traditional music lessons. There is also a free 2 Week Trial, and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee – All you need is a keyboard and an enthusiasm for all music can do. This is a program that you cannot lose with, when you use it.

Kinderbach ReviewI almost forgot to mention the Teacher’s Corner. We have full access to that and it’s a real help. We try to do this 3 days a week right now, sometimes more. These include lesson plans, teacher guides for all 6 levels, goal books, even mp3’s for listening fun. There are also story books, song books, and coloring books (although the coloring isn’t something my kiddos enjoy much of. Strange right?). It’s all printable, again, I printed them all ahead of time and so we could grab them as we needed them.

Click to read Crew ReviewsI have always known that there is a great deal children can gain from learning to appreciate and play music, at an early age. I remember when I was young, learning piano myself. There are so many talents that I gained; self control, discipline, focus, attending to detail and the great art of listening (and that is an art I say). All of this can be learned in a fun way; studying music with KinderBach and their colorful characters (like Dodi who my four year old loves!). And the bonding? If you are a music lover, as we all are, this is such a fun family experience.

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YouTube: KinderBach Preschool Piano

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