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I love books. I cannot have enough. But it is hard to find books that I believe to be quality, Especially fiction. I started blogging not long ago, as a book reviewer for a few Christian publishing companies and it’s been an interesting experience thus far. As of right now I have a couple I am really enjoying. I would like to regularly share, like this, with all of you, what I enjoy for casual reading and studying. Please do feel free to comment and share your good reads as well. 🙂

I am not much for fiction, but I recently received a copy of The Painted Table by Suzanne Field.   This is a story of a Scandanavian family, rich in history, and with a painted table. A family heirloom that is passed on and the memories, and pain, that comes with it. It makes me think of some of those little things we take for granted, that special rocker I have used with my two little ones perhaps. Told by the child, Saffee, it follows her path in life (as a mother herself) and the trials and secrets she learns and confronts along the way. A sweet, sad, beautifully written tale indeed. This was a gentle reminder too, that there is much left behind that we may not even consider of value. All that is said, all that is done, so many things that leave a mark.

Eternity Changes Everything is another book I was given the chance to review. It’s a deeper read; mostly because of how it has caused me to begin looking at things. Most of us don’t (Or do we) consider our actions and how they effect us and others in the long run. Unfortunately, I know I myself, can tend to act rashly at times. Sometimes react without really considering things seriously. So where does this leave us? What does eternity mean for us when we look at the things we say and do today? Let us consider, seriously and like with “eternity on my eyes” as Jonathon Edwards has said. Let us live for that great eternity, with Christ; truly we will see and feel a difference (as will those around us)  This is a quick and easy read you will complete in what feels like no time at all.

What about holiness? According to God’s word we are called to be holy, as He is holy, if we want to ever see Him. But what does it mean? There are so many people out there who think they know what it means; some people even say it doesn’t matter today. Holiness is such a topic dear to my heart; perhaps because I was so far from it for so long. And even before He came along and changed me, I knew no matter how I tried to deny it, that it mattered. I just didn’t know the details. In Why Holiness Matters is geared towards the younger Christians; seeking to explain and encourage us to live not in a “thou shalt not” style, but with a focus on the love of God. This is very well written, a challenging read but one that is necessary because no matter what we think, our most holy God is clean, holiness does matter. We are lost without it.


Lastly, for no, my son and I have read Pilgrim’s Progress and Christian’s Quest (an urban adaptation of Pilgrim’s Progress). We chose to read these side by side to compare and I was so very glad we did. Although my son is only 8 he really took to, and understood, a great many of the concepts within Christian’s Quest. He loved the characters; they were easy to relate to and really made the story come alive for him. I myself was surprised at how the retelling did not take away from the classic telling. And in many cases it made the allegories in the story so much more understandable for my son too. This one we were able to read in about 6 days; He just could not let me stop reading; he even took it after we finished it, to read again with his dad. Some of the language (dialect) used was a bit too much for me, yet again it was a great lesson and literary experience for my son who got quite a kick out of some of the conversations that Christian had with so many of the others along his journey.

I personally prefer The Little Pilgrim’s Progress myself to any retelling but I was glad to see my son took to the story, whether the classic or an “up to date” retelling. Either way, it truly amazes me how a classic tale like this, so full of depth and symbolism, can effect and open the eyes of children too. So much within this read, I just know, will be a reminder, and a guide, for my son as he gets older. May these characters and their experiences shared, only help to deepen both of our walks 🙂

We really have been seeking to read more, as a family. And not comic books or silly kids books but things that are meaty and powerful with  characters that re alive and vibrant; colorful places and times ~books that are full of tales we can all learn from. Dare I say it only makes sense that we utilize Ambleside Online, heavily for much of our home education needs. 🙂 May it be said, and learned as we grow older, that there are no limits to what we can see or do; where we can go and what we can be, when we love to read!



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