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Motivated Moms Review
I have truly been blessed with the opportunity to try out some simply amazing products. I was so excited to have the chance to review Motivated Moms ! The Motivated Moms ebooks are just what I need to put some order in a home that desperately needs it. And then when a visitor arrives, I can say “Come on in…” instead of, “Excuses the mess…”

Motivated Moms Review
Motivated Moms has  a variety of ebooks to choose from; they also offer an app. Since I do not have a cell phone and I much prefer paper, I myself chose an ebook to review. Each Ebook is $8 for a whole year’s worth of cleaning and organizing tasks neatly arranged for you. You can choose from planners with 1 day per page, 1 week per page, half-size pages, even a planner with a yearly Bible reading plan. I chose the planner with 1 week per page and the Bible reading for the year. I printed out my yearly pages and put them in a handy little binder myself. This way as I am getting my cup of java each morning, I am reminded by the binder next to the pot, of what I must do for the day.

Motivated Moms Review
I have to be very transparent with you now. I struggled with this myself. I spent the first two or three weeks feeling like a total failure. And this is no fault of the program. Our days are somewhat unpredictable here. With cold and snow in abundance cabin fever is running rampant around here. We have gotten a bit lax in keeping the home as well due to a remodeling project which is just now complete. So a new kitchen is finished, the old kitchen is awaiting a loving touch to bring it to life again. (It is for now, it is to be our “home education” room).

As I got into this program more I really did see a big difference. I admit, I am not very good at keeping the home. There are books to read, games to play, things to bake and make. And the days do go by rather quickly with three little ones with differing wants and needs. I got rather down on myself in the first few weeks for not completing tasks; for forgetting to even look in some cases, on a daily basis. I was ready to quit; I admit it.  But bless the review crew for their encouragement and inspiration along the way. I was reminded, that we need to focus on what we have done rather than what we have not. And that said, I broke it down, a lot, and am still baby stepping my way through this year with Motivated Moms.

So, I have to say I definitely recommend Motivated Moms to anyone who just does not feel like it’s possible to be organized. Or to stay that way 🙂  Once I trained myself to remember and review this list each day, I really did find this a great help to getting our home in order. I do wish it was possible to edit these though since some things did not apply to our family and in some situations there were things I would have liked to add to my weekly lists (ex. updated home education work boxes/folders for my two boys or being able to add to certain days book/product reviews that are due – like this one!). Also, we strive to “keep the Sabbath” so in some cases, I found there were days I had to catch up on chores which wasn’t a super big deal (there’s not more than 3-6 per day for the most part) but it would be nice if there was a way to move some tasks about as the need arises.

Now of course we still have to apply ourselves to this program. (I still struggle with this some days, like today *ahem*) but if you take most days flying by the seat of your pants as I do; it really does make a huge difference having it all laid out like this. I plan on finishing 2014 with this and entering into 2015 much more motivated!

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