Is He at the Movies?

Do you believe you can find Him in a movie? I beg to differ. The ONE true God will not be found on a movie screen. The people who made the movie? It is not for God’s glory; they know Him not. Darkness can never lead one to the light.

If you are one who believes we are to “judge not” please just move on. I am not interested in anyone advising me of the hate speech I write here now. If you are a Christian, truly born again and FULL of His spirit…..Let us stop and pause.

A movie is NOT the answer. If you have the time and money to go to the movie, you have time and money. Why do you want to see this movie? What do you think you will gain? Already saved, do you want to see people saved? Not sure if you are saved? Looking for a God that is real – one you can feel and hear in your life? Every day?

Peter warns against those who would “wrest, . . . scriptures, unto their own destruction” (2 Peter 3:16). We must never forget the words of the Bible are “pure words,” meaning just what they say. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God [God-breathed], and is profitable . . .” (2 Timothy 3:16).

Fellow Saints of God, let us GO … there are people seeking God in line for this movie. Can we not save them that wasted time? Wasted money? Pray and I know if you pray in faith, God will lead you to that person waiting to buy a ticket to see one of the devils favorite films….Save them, let Him lead you to those who truly desire God and when He moves them on your heart tell them to put their dollars away and as Phillip said, so shall we say to them: Come and see.I do believe that there are those who do not know and are seeking – Let them be led to one who has truth that they will have opportunity to live as the Lord calls us to. May they be found that they may be washed clean; to be whiter than snow. Without spot or wrinkle.

His word, if we know it and believe it, is clear that we are to have nothing to do with anything that is not aligned with His word perfectly. This is just one more antichrist rising up to lead others astray. It saddens me, and angers me, that anyone who professes to be His, would not see the dangers and errors. He is clear in His word, we MUST be clean, pure, holy and set apart having NO entertainment with things of this world. period.

What can we gain from it though? Knowing it is not accurate How can it bring any good thing to our walk of faith? I am so glad that when I was born again His Spirit was placed within (filled with the HG evidenced by speaking in another tongue, His language alone, such a heavenly one too!) and that is my guide. In these last days we have to be set apart; we must stay away – there is little we can gain; far more we can lose. Consider all these denominations that are out there, all professing to be the saving faith and yet…they are not Biblical. It all starts with those who have truth being willing to allow a little here, a little there, for whatever reason….and now we have large numbers of people professing Him but not truly knowing what it means to be saved, how to really be saved….We must hold fast to His world and keep ourselves from “His word as the world sells it”

Consider God’s word. He states that “a little leaven spoils it all”. Look at the Epistles, there was a little something that was let in (not that long after Christ and the crucifixion and resurrection) The Epistles were written because of this very thing. We are to contend for the faith – the one true faith – standing on His word. No other. I love seeing people get it; I hate seeing people be led astray. A little here and a little there. No one who sees one of these is going to be saved; its wishful thinking.

Those who are truth-filled (if I didn’t have three little ones) should go to the theaters if they really want to see people get saved – stand with your Bible in hand and seek those who really want to know. Before they get contaminated with the wrong stuff; before they drink that Kool Aid. Get out there; bring Bible study booklets that can be handed out speaking of how he is ONE God and how we can be born again in the water, in JESUS name, washed clean, pure as newly fallen snow. Tell how we can be filled with His Spirit, we can know the truth and be set free and feel and hear from our God every day. Every moment. But we have to hear. We have to seek Him and that can only be done with His word; every word of it.

It’s in a spirit filled truth filled church that has people that are full of HIS spirit; you hear from Him, you know Him. Just like Paul and Peter, and Moses – you can hear Him. I would do that. In a heartbeat. And then perhaps people could be saved because of the movie. But seeing it only leads us further from Him. I sought Him for so many years in so many different ways. I led myself astray, I was led astray by well-meaning folks who did no wrong other than not seeking Him in his Word… When we know the truth and that ONE true God, it’s life changing, an experience people need to have to really understand.

People do not realize how easily the influence gets in. I some days (even now) remember things, out of the blue, visual, auditory, things I have not seen or heard for years….we think we are stronger than we are; we give ourselves too much credit that it won’t hurt me. We deceive ourselves thinking we can set something wicked before our eyes and not be affected by it. Really?

I do not believe that God uses untruths to bring people to Him…that would be rather contrary to His word really. However He does allow the devil to do what he does and that said there are I am sure times we have not the truth and it leads us to the truth. I fear more often though it does far more harm than good. People like their security; its like the belief that once we are saved we are always saved. As my Pastor says, and I agree, we are not saved until our feet leave the ground. He also preaches against things like “Christian” television and radio because of their lack of truth. It’s a dangerous road to walk. And knowing truth as we know it, makes us more responsible for speaking out against those things which can cause others in or out of the faith, to stumble. We need to take more seriously all that we have been charged with ya know? We are our brothers keeper – we will be judged by what we did or didn’t do, with what we know. And that’s serious stuff. We have to remember by His Word are we saved. Those who lead people astray, sweetening it up, watering it down, making it nice and easy….the Beth Moore’s and Joel Olsteen’s, Joyce Meyers’….these movie producers and televangelists that deceive so many with this salvation prayer….the day of judgement is coming. I want to be sure I lead people towards His word and His truth.

He isn’t kidding – the way is narrow.

If we really want to know God we will not find Him in any old theater. We will not see or hear His voice or face within those things made by man. We all know someone who has a desire to see this movie and others like it, we need to speak up – they need to know why these are in their own right, a little antichrist, that will only cause harm. We have the truth; let us say to them, come and meet this one true God. let me share a life changing, amazing, joy unspeakable experience  ♥


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