No More Perfect Kids – Day 2

“We’re looking for progress, not perfection. Perfection can’t be the journey. The journey must be built on faith in the possibilities and an expectation for good, better, and then best.” Jill Savage and Dr. Kathy Koch, NO MORE PERFECT KIDS

I read this and remember, their first steps; the first time my oldest son read a book. All. by. himself. His first story, written and illustrated, by him alone. 🙂 My 4 year old son’s first time playing softball in the backyard, swimming in our pool and digging for worms in the garden. My daughters first steps, first words, her first “tea party”.

Children are precious. They are wise. Far more than we give them credit for. At the same time, sometimes, we expect too much because we see and know all they can do. We forget the need for baby steps.

oh how I pray that my children will be wise, in His wisdom, not that of the word. I pray that they will know, that I will see and respond. cheering them on and helping them to dust themselves off along the way when they fall.

I am my own worst critic; I am theirs too, at times. With an older son who is rather gifted and lacking in attention (overflowing with active!) it can be difficult; the path we are on is crazy and wild and swerves all over the place.
(I, on the other hand, love neat and orderly, all in its place and in its time). Did I mention the two younger siblings who are super busy, on the go, as well? In their own way :P~

Such a challenge for me, with all three really, because all three are gifted, all kids are gifted really, we just have to find, and pray for, that gift to show itself so we can use it, mightily, for the Lord. I think, sometimes, perhaps they feel the same way about me too. As I strive to encourage, and sometimes am discouraging I admit, they must shake their heads and wonder when mom will let them be? haha It reminds me that this journey, with each one of them, requires a lot of team work. It’s a family matter. We don’t have to be on the same page all the time per se, but we have to be open, to sometimes, a change in the story. Maybe a change of the story altogether.

Let us, let me, seek those moments (always and forever) in the lives of my little ones as they grow, that shall bring to their ears a joyful and timely word. We must encourage them. We must allow them to fall and stumble; we must be the ones there to help them brush the dust off and get up and start again. We are all made in His image; we all uniquely gifted. Not one of us is not precious in His sight. We are the apple of His eye. And so should our children be. Just as He rewards and encourages us with a good word, and promises awaiting us, so shall we do for these, blessings the Lord has entrusted to us.


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