No More Perfect Kids – Day 3



Are you busy? How often do we say in one day “I’m busy” ?

I have pondered this a lot more lately; mostly as I began reading this very book. Eye opening. There is much self-examination going on and as I read I determine more and more to slow. down.

I don’t want to be “busy” not in the common definition of the word. I want to busy, about my Father’s business. I want to busy about my children’s lives and their experiences. Intentional. I want to be intentional. And that can be a busy thing in and of itself but a good busy.

We cut out all the activities and many co-op events not long ago. I just could not take another minute. I made some wonderful friends; we got to know local families that are home educating and gain support and wisdom. Share and care. It was in many ways a wonderful experience. But it was tie consuming; it was tedious and stressful. And it just was not necessary.

It’s so true, “if we could  take a minute today to find space to slow down… to leave moments of downtime, allow opportunities for our hearts to be softened to the needs of others.”

YES! Let us be present. Open and aware; seeking opportunities. And not just with our children but one to another. Let us show and seek those times when compassion can be had; when we can show His spirit, in us, to those in need.  Big or small we all have those times when we need a gentle touch, a soft and sweet spirit to come along side us and be there. Be present. Intentional in love and care.  They shall know us by our fruits.

Lord create a deeper level of compassion in me; I pray, in Jesus sweet name, that He will open my heart and my eyes – enlarge my heart for those in need. My family, friends, neighbors and strangers in need. Lord let us see and show the compassion which is you Lord, more and more each day. Its the fruit, the spirit of the Lord, which shall shine and bring people ever nearer to Him. Change me Lord!

As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him.
Psalm 103:13


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