No More Perfect Kids – Day 4

“Contentment involves confidently living life as it is. We parent our kids as they are. When we embrace our real lives and our real kids and our real spouses, we won’t doubt everything. We won’t blame things on others. We won’t ask lots of ‘what-if’ questions. We won’t constantly second guess ourselves. We won’t live with the ‘If only . . .’ wondering mindset.” Jill Savage and Dr. Kathy Koch, NO MORE PERFECT KIDS

For a long time I was secretly the queen of “what if…”. I had so many ideas about who I would be as a mother; what my children would be like. So many dreams (call them delusions even) as to how well they would behave and the things they would enjoy. I imagined many “mini – me’s”.

Looking back I know how ridiculous that really is. And I am so blessed to have had God’s perfect will and truth revealed to me. I do believe that without it I would still spend so much time wishing my kids were …. (fill in the blanks for your pet peeves here). Quieter, more bookish, less social, not so messy … haha



I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:11,13

Today and every day, I strive to see those wonderful things (even if they are completely opposite of me – my oldest loves noise while I love the quiet). My husband loves television and electronics – I would love to live again without both! 😛 It is so important for us to learn to be content. If we are never content how can we expect our little ones to grow and learn contentment themselves?

We are all imperfect beings. Yet we are loved by a God who created us, in His image. Who loved us enough to come and live as a man (Son means God in the flesh) and die for us. If He gave so much for us, how much more should we give to those around us? It’s a challenge but we must beat down that flesh and one place to start is practicing gratitude. We need to seek those little things, in every moment. Those storms that come our way? Its one more opportunity for us to see a rainbow, to show and grow in faith and love. My family may be different but they are all a blessing to me, in so many ways. My children are wise; a delight to spend my days with. They are eager, smart, God loving children with a heart that is so pure and full of love for others. My oldest says he might be a preacher one day if God calls him; otherwise he says he will teach and go door to door offering to tell people about God. And my two little ones? One plans to fly a plane and build things and my daughter? She wants to be a momma too.

Bless the little ones ~ Jesus make us simple in our love; for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.


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