No More Perfect Kids – Day 5

“How important you believe your children are drives your behavior toward them. It’s different from love. It’s about placing an appropriate value on them—not just because they are your children but because they are people worthy of your best.” Jill Savage and Dr. Kathy Koch, NO MORE PERFECT KIDS

It is a goal of mine to become more intentional in my parenting. I know, we home educate, so that means we are together all the time right? But am I always there, or am I in my own world? Are we slow cooking or are we going for fast food?

So often I admit I am there as we are working together; I am also not completely focused on them when I should be at times. So many challenges; being pulled in so many directions. But when I sit down, it is my intention, to turn off the computer and the phone – move away from these things so it is me and them. All eyes on them.

I do not want to miss a word. I cannot miss a moment. My children (all of our children) are so important.We know it but do we show it. We shower them with love and hugs and kisses (sometimes things too!) but it does not make them see how much we value them. Time, attention. Eyes on them. We miss so many little things and sometimes really big things, when we are “somewhere else”.

As we begin our days, we are each allowed our screen time but once we are all clean and dressed, ready for the day, we must separate ourselves from the screens. We must take the time to hear our children; to get to know them and show them how much we care. Enjoy their silly jokes; help create stories and tents in the middle of the room. Color together. Paint and draw. Study the legs on that spider crawling up the wall and respond to their thoughts and concerns with more than just a faraway ‘ ummhm’ or an “okay dear”.

There is such depth, such wisdom that comes out of their mouths. But we are not showing them we care; if we do not attend to them and make sure we are present, 100%, in our time with them….we miss so much. There are blessings that we will never obtain. Let us love and value our little ones!


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