No More Perfect Kids – Day 6

“For uniqueness to be appreciated and celebrated, differences must be seen as normal and, well, different. Not right and wrong. Not better than or worse than. Instead, we’re all part of God’s perfect purpose. The sooner you can accept a child’s uniqueness, the sooner he can accept it himself.” Jill Savage and Dr. Kathy Koch NO MORE PERFECT KIDS

I think of my oldest boy when I hear the work unique. I can not count the number of times someone has told how different he is. How unlike other kids. It’s never been something that I have seen as anything other than a testimony to God working in his life. 🙂

I used to think i knew exactly how to “raise a good kid”. Since I became a mom though, I only know that God’s grace makes them the amazing kids they are. I try not to screw them up too much each day, with my expectations and ideas as to how things ought to be. I strive to remember and capture each moment as an amazing moment. A chance to see their heart.

My oldest ministers to others. A lot. He stops moving and starts talking when are out, about God and His love for us, about the Kingdom of Heaven and all that is waiting for us if we seek Him truly. His words are not of an 8 year old boy but of a child full of His spirit and His word. He loves God. No doubt he is not ashamed either. Its amazing to hear a total stranger confirm that what he said, they needed. Praise God.

My 4 year old on the other hand is not as outgoing; he is learning so much. A joy to be with; a laugh that just makes everything greater too. I tell you, he is a little comedian who loves to make people laugh. He has bright eyes, a big smile and such a creative and crazy mind in his play. Who knows where he is headed in the world. I know that God has something great for him either way.

And my daughter – she is fickle (at two years old) and stubborn. But she loves to laugh and sing and dance. She is always at my side already; helping around the house with cleaning and cooking. Running her baby dolls here and there. She laughs and smiles and hugs the dogs and cuddles the geckos 😛  She is a little sunshine indeed, and a little girl seeking the heart of God. I believe this, in faith, of all little ones.

Isn’t it precious. Three totally different children. All separate and yet all wonderfully made, in His image.All have unique talents and gifts whether we know the or not. I pray daily though that the Lord will give me wisdom to know their gifts; to encourage them in them. To always lift my children up – for His glory – to show others the light that this world so desperately needs right now. It’s time. Time for us to know and seek those gifts. Ministering. For His glory!



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