Dance in the Storm

Home educating can come with some pretty crazy storms at times. It also can have the brightest, warmest, sunshine. Sometimes the storms last forever and the sunshine just peeks out now and again. Other times we have so few storms, we forget that they may come – we are so enjoying basking in the sunshine.

Its been that way in our house for awhile; sunny days. Happy kids, eager to do their “work”. Minimal struggles and lots of fun learning time. That’s over. For now. We are in the storm. Again.

Seems to me there are many storms, brewing, all over the place as of late. I have received more emails from friends and followers, asking for prayer and advice. In the storm, we sometimes forget about the sunshine and the rainbow that is to come. I know there are times I myself forget. But we can not allow ourselves to forget’; we must endure, just as we are to endure in the faith, so shall we endure, in the home.

We can not give up.

I read my email and feel such compassion for these struggling moms.  I understand all too well how hard things can be. But I say to you, do not forget why you chose this path for your children. Perhaps some time away from the books is good for everyone right now. I know when we get caught in a storm; we need to slow down. We need to put those books away sometimes; regain our love and joy for one another. For simple things. For play. Its only March and yet; perhaps we should end the year early. Take a break at least, it may be we need to take some time to enjoy (if the weather is good?) the park; outside walks and bike rides, some nature studies. Color, draw, music….science experiments you can do for fun ..? Recapture that joy of learning; seek where you can, in the moment. Be intentional.

We take time off when things get too hectic; of course I make sure they are doing things that are good for them; quality opportunities and experiences. Even their toys; Legos and lots of creative and fun things. K’Nex, Playdoh, paint and crayons and chalk, paper and scraps of fabric…A keyboard and guitar, harmonicas, bubbles, recipes for yummy treats; balls and baseball bats, creature keepers, books and music and laying in the grass watching planes go by and clouds form. And we pray; then we pray, and read His word, and pray some more. And worship ~ Always remember to worship!

For those struggling, I am with you; praying for you. You can do this with His strength and His power. It’s all for His glory right? We keep these children home with us, that we may train them up in His word.  Are you doubting? Go to His word and He will remind you of the blessings that come from following in His steps. He will renew your faith and your strength; you shall grow weary now and again but when those days come, rest in Him. Do not be dismayed or discouraged. Read the word, read it without fail; He is on our side. NO matter how we struggle, WE have the victory. Contend for the faith. Endure to the end. Our children are worth it. He knows we can do it.
No matter what anyone says; you can do this. With God all things are possible. Order your steps according to His own and no matter the struggles and the storms that come your way, in the end we shall be victorious!
” I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart.”
Love to you!

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