No More Perfect Kids – Day 7

“Children need parents to have ideas and goals for them. They need us to expose them to many ideas and activities and even dream about their involvement in camping, tennis, music, art, gardening, creative writing, cooking, woodworking, journaling, and more. But we must not dream for them without them. We can’t leave them behind.” Jill Savage and Dr. Kathy Koch, NO MORE PERFECT KIDS

My kids love to dream. My oldest has dreamed of being a pilot, teaching people around the world about God and even being a musician or writer one day. My oldest has so many dreams. I love to hear him talk of them. Some days I have to remember to let him be. Enjoy his dreams with him. They may be silly to me, but they are his.

My 4 year old is quite a dreamer as well but he is so much simpler right now. He dreams of owning a pet dinosaur; of going on an airplane ride to see his international sister in Brazil. HE dreams of being able to see from within, the dishwasher, hard at work. haha

Then there is my daughter who is only 2 but dreams of being a pony. She dances about the house, sings at the top of her lungs and who knows what she really dreams of just now. She cannot stand to be away from mommy for even a moment. I am sure one day though she too will have quite a few dreams of her own.

I remember when I was little how I dreamed of being on broadway; in the orchestra or as one of the dancers. It was silly but I was never discouraged. I dreamed of living overseas. It seemed impossible but I got to do just that, spending some time in Germany long ago. An experience I look back on fondly. I can not for the life of me remember ever being discouraged of my dreams no matter how crazy they seemed.

I love sitting with my kids. All three of us – dreaming together. A dream to go to Hawaii; a dream that we will one day write a book and publish it too. Or perhaps that one day my musically gifted son will play in the church choir. Or maybe record his own music of praise and worship. Anything can happen. And in all of the dreaming we do, let us remember that He has an amazing plan for each one of us. Let His will be done in our lives and it shall be so glorious!



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