Change your Thinking

I just read this and think everyone should too…Changed my thinking! Given new perspective! Actually, love it! Please read it. There is such a blessing for us all within!

“The Power of Just Three Words”
I was once told by a friend the less I speak the more people will listen.
I wonder if this is why Paul told us to …Study to be quiet??? Maybe???
I know , I know, what all of us women are thinking and maybe a few of the men folk also….Easier said than done right? If you’re not thinking that , bravo to you! James 3:2 tells us that if any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man. So for those of us who are in the boat of imperfection but are striving to reach the perfect mark … I present a question: What if we were only able to speak three words to answer any question we were asked? What three words would we use? The three words we choose would have to accurately answer, in just three words. Think you could successfully accomplish it? (Don’t worry if you answered No , I did too!)
I’m gonna take it out on a limb and give us something to think about. What if we were at the point of death and we only had three words left to say. What words would we choose? Would it depend on who was there? Would it matter?
Some might say, its just three words, it doesn’t really make that big of difference. Have you ever been told or told someone ‘I love you’, have you ever been asked or had to ask ‘please forgive me’; Did those three words matter to you?
We have all heard the childhood phrase “sticks and stone may break my bones; but words will never hurt me”, and while I understand the concept of that phrase, the Bible tells us in Proverbs 18:21 – Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.
A few years ago I was taking a journaling class and at the beginning of the class we were asked to choose a 10 year period of time in our life that we would be writing about for the duration of the class. I chose from age 14 (the age at which my life was changed by the power of the Holy Ghost) to age 24. I was given an assignment to sum that part of my life experience using only three word sentences . The goal was to see how powerful only three words can be. I admit that I was a little skeptical at first that I would be able to complete the assignment successfully. But after I started writing it, the words just seemed to fall together. When I was done I read my words out loud and I was amazed by the power that I felt in just three word sentences. So I wanted to share that assignment with you today. I encourage you to read it out loud as if it were your own words.
The Power of Three Words
I was lost. Life was complicated. Sin had authority. Love was unknown. Transgressions were many. Correction was lacking. Anger was thriving. Fear was convincing. Guilt was influential. Pride was strong. Shame was complete. Prayer was unheard. Repentance was unformed. Forgiveness was unfound. Grace was mislaid. Mercy was untouched. Hope was unseen. Faith was undeveloped. Peace was undetected. Joy was undiscovered. Sickness needed healing.
I was unrighteous. I was despiteful. I was reproachful. I was unclean. I was unthankful. I was poor. I was needy. I was bound. I was blind. I was condemned. I was dead.
I was led. I moved forward. I was called. I listened intently. I was challenged. I surrendered all. I was chosen. I followed earnestly. I was washed. I was cleansed. Filth was gone. Healing was found. Sin was defeated.
I was born. Life had begun. Love had authority. Salvation was given. Correction was received. Anger had diminished. Fear changed sources. Guilt was overpowered. Pride was weakening. Shame was abolished. Prayer was fervent. Repentance was common. Forgiveness was accepted. Grace was received. Mercy gave pardon. Hope was restored. Faith moved mountains. Peace passed understanding. Joy was unspeakable.
Satan is furious. Orders are set. Lines are drawn. War is declared. Darts are fired. Danger is constant. Hunger is thriving. Thirst is often. Weariness is firm. Burdens are carried. Flesh is crucified. Needs are supplied. Weapons are mighty. Feet are shod. Helmets are worn. Shields are risen. Darts are quenched. Intercession is made. Victory is declared. Stones are gathered. Remembrance is determined. Truth always triumphs.
I am delivered. Life is abundant. Blessings are plentiful. Mercy is rich. Thanks is given. Growth is evident. Renewing is daily. Power is increased. Signs are sought. Gifts are given. Prayer is effectual. Holiness is perfected. Faith is expansive. Paths are traveled. Examples are followed. Understanding is known. Glory is revealed.
God is love. Love is Charity. Charity suffered long. Charity never fails. God cannot fail. God’s a refuge. God is strength. Call on Jesus. No other name. He is Alpha. He is Omega. He leads me.
I was lost. Now I’m found. Thank you Jesus.
In closing I encourage us all (myself at the top of the list) to choose our words and make them count!
—Seasoned with Love and maybe a little salt —Amanda

Bless His name! (my three words….what would be yours?)


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