No More Perfect Kids – Day 8

“Our job is to help our kids discover their unique contribution to this world. We all have specific traits, talents, learning styles, and temperaments that God longs to use for His purposes. The more we can help our kids understand we’re all unique because we all have a special role to play in God’s family, the sooner they’re able to embrace their unique traits and put them to good use.” Jill Savage and Dr. Kathy Koch, NO MORE PERFECT KIDS

I remember not long ago, it was around the holiday season, we were out shopping and my oldest (In a unique “habit” of his) stopped in the middle of the store. In a loud voice he began to proclaim Jesus – “every day of every year we need to bless Him and remember HIm and pray to Him – He is all that matters every minute because He loves you – He loves you and that is more important than any stuff you could have…”  I should be proud right? **horrified** I was shocked; trying to hush him so we could finish shopping and just go. (He has done things like this before too ~ every time some random stranger has thanked him for blessing them~ I should learn right??)

My three are different as night and day. All unique and all aware of the fact that God has a great purpose for them. No matter how big or small. They all know and learn His word; hidden in their hearts that it may guide them in their day to day life now and later. My oldest loves to talk ab out the things he will do for the Lord one day. He has a list of things he wants to do for himself, just for fun, too 🙂 Nothing wrong with that.

We forget, my husband and I, that we need to plan. How to support them; we need to pray for them and with them. We need to cover them in prayer; seek God’s face that He may help guide us and them as these days go by. It’s hard, it’s so tiring being a momma right? Yet these are important things. We cannot look away; we cannot do it later. They can only better learn and grow and find where they were created to be, if we model for them, how to get there. IF we plan for them and eventually, with them.

I remember some time ago; one of those days everything was driving me batty. And I heard His voice so clear, reminding me that Paul, Moses, David, Daniel, Anna, Mary, Peter…..All were once children. All were unique with little quirks that were great big tools God used to make a way. For salvation, for grace, for love and for truth…We can not see things as He does. We will never completely understand how our super stubborn and headstrong boy can further His kingdom. Or how our tomboy daughter who sings off-key and spins all over will change someone’s life. We do not know if someone is watching, or will hear, the simple words of a quiet, shy boy whispering the Psalms.

God knows. He has a plan. Do we 🙂



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