No More Perfect Kids – Day 9

“Remember: With kids, interests can change with the wind. Not everything they are interested in will be their interest next year. Your interest now reassures them you not only love them, but you like them too! Embrace what your kids love in this moment.” Jill Savage and Dr. Kathy Koch, NO MORE PERFECT KIDS

I was so excited when my son learned how to read. He would sit and read to me all day long. He read to his brother and sister. He read to the dog. Now he barely wants to look at a book. We have guitars and harmonicas, a keyboard, a flute…He isn’t interested/ Not anymore. I have to remember he is a child. He is learning  and growing and exploring. I cannot take it personally nor can I allow myself to believe any time spent with him was wasted when he turns away from something.

My kids are small. They are interested and curious about so many things. Its a blessing that they want to know. Between learning computer coding and drawing; making music and building, learning to speak and write/read Chinese. Watching videos on how things work and being creative in their own way, they are always learning.

I need to  be excited with them. Sincerely. To be okay with their new interests and to have a good spirit when they complete one and seek out another. I admit it too, as one who is not all fond of technology (video games, handheld devices, television in general….) I guess I can be a party pooper at times. My oldest son is very much interested in video game. He can sit playing for hours if we let him. I often wonder what the fascination is; I just don’t see it. But I can not poo-poo it either. His love must be my love. An honest attempt anyway.

I look back when I was a child; I remember music lessons, lots of time at museums and the theater. I remember reading every thing I could get my hands on. Walking and being outdoors. I had so many amazing experiences. So many things to try, even as a child I had to choose. Some stayed, some got left behind. So many were amazing; even when I stepped away, it was there for good. The experience, forever remembered. So it is with my children. Their personalities and interests.

As we learn, as questions are answered, we move forward. Sometimes forward is not for them, what it is for me. Life is all about experiencing and learning, reaching out and connecting with God’s amazing creation. So much to offer, so much to learn. I need to remember, as their mother, all their interests, all that they are so interested and open to, is a testimony to home education. And it can all be used for such a great purpose. Maybe video game are their thing right now; perhaps as I learn Hebrew they learn Chinese, and then we share what we know teaching one another. Or just having silly conversations.

Moments go by too quickly. It’s not all about me. It’s about ensuring that they have the opportunities; that they can find and experience things now, as much as possible. You never know where it will lead them or how God will use those things they so love and learn of, for His glory. Its all in due season. Right?



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