Let there Be….

God says “Let there be…..” (not just light)

Why do we limit it to just light?

Let there be love; let there be peace; let there be wisdom and power and great miracles abounding…..Let us proclaim, His name and let there be……

What is it we need? What do those surrounding us need?

We need more of Him. We need more opportunities to reach out to the lost. We need more wisdom, more faith to speak words of truth, in love, to those in need of them. There is a desperate need, some do not even realize their desperation, for truth. For the opportunity to experience and know the one true God as we do.

People need truth. People need salvation. It’s just so hard for them to believe when everyone says that their way is the right way. When everyone says it doesn’t really matter. So many lies; we are comforted by them. We are lulled to sleep by words that make us feel better for a moment. Yet we still ache when we awake; we are still empty. And always will be until we allow and seek Him to fill us full.

Let us draw near unto Him … then He shall draw near unto us.

Stop making excuses, no more questioning His word….Let us seek a deeper faith, a stronger love for the lost and a desire, a fire burning within. Let there be fire within …. burning for Him!

Go forth….In Jesus name there is power. Jesus said it….! 🙂



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