Spelling You See ~ A Schoolhouse Review

Spelling You See Review

We have loved Math-U-See for as long as we have been home educating. So when we heard about Spelling You See, we were so happy to have the chance to be a part of the review crew! We received a PDF copy of Spelling You See: Listen and Write (Level A) to use with my son, who is soon to be five, and a very beginning reader. Because of my oldest son’s struggles with handwriting, some of this we used with him as well to try to better his penmanship, just a bit πŸ™‚


Spelling You See Review

I love how they say their program is “based upon the finding that all students move through the same sequence of stages as they are learning to spell. These stages can’t be skipped or sped up. Although the stages children move through are the same, the pace at which they move through each stage is unique to each child.” Spelling You See is intended for elementary aged students however they can be used for older children who need a bit of remedial work. Each level is ungraded but Spelling You See does offer Readiness Guidelines to help determine placement. The Listen and Write Instructor’s Handbook is $14.00 and the Student Pack is $20.00 (this comes with a student workbook, sticker pack, and a nice handwriting guide). We received pdf files of the Student Handbook, Instructor Manual and Handwriting Guide ourselves. πŸ™‚



Turns out this was still a bit too advanced for my youngest. The skills for handwriting are not yet what they need to be to complete this program. But it was good practice for him to get into and he really enjoyed being able to read a lot of the words and focus in on the letters and the sounds those letters make. I do believe this will be a great program for him maybe in a couple more months. It was simple and the lessons were short enough for him to be able to attend to. It definitely helped with his reading skills. πŸ™‚

As for my oldest, handwriting has always been a painful thing for him. Add to that, he struggles to sit still and focus (both needed for handwriting and copywork right?). Now he is a very advanced reader (when he wants to read, he does not much like it though yet) So this was excellent, to use for attention and detail, with him. His spelling skills are good but or him to be able to listen and then write – its a challenge many days! Plus this helped encourage better letter formation (he could be a doctor I tell you! lol) and he really needed the emphasis that is given in this program, on consistent, automatic forming of letters. Each lesson was short enough, for him to mange, and the handy boxes on each worksheet, really helped to keep his letters, in the box, instead of all over the page. πŸ™‚

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We are still working on neat and tidy penmanship but it is a process that has been made much less painful (and simpler too) with the Spelling You See program. I definitely can see a benefit to using this in the future with my younger ones and perhaps moving on to the next level, with my older son. As I said, it is a simple phonics based program, so very easy to use, with lessons that are the perfect length for young ones. We were not one bored and there were very few times that we needed to get up, move around, take a break. Nice and smooth.


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