More Science Fun!

I think I have mentioned before how much we love science in this house. We are always trying out different materials; watching videos and doing little experiments around the house! Recently we had the chance to test out two fabulous books from Dover Publications, provided by Educents. We love Educents; if you aren’t familiar with them, I encourage you to take a peek. It is a wonderful site full of goodies for any and all ages. We have found so many fun activities and learning tools there. All very affordable too!

Kids love water right?  So Tabletop Scientist: The Science of Water, Projects and Experiments with Water Science and Power was a sure hit. Especially for the two little ones (a bit wet around here right now though! haha) For only $6.99 it is a must have for any homeschool library if you ask me..This one is full of colorful pictures and simple explanations. Every chapter has handy sidebars; “Try It and See” to give ideas for even more exploration and “How It Works” explaining scientific ideas in an easy to understand way.  From changing the color of flowers using water and food coloring, to how clean dirty water. My younger two (4 and 2) absolutely loved being able to make a boat float and a few times sink too, using clay and a big bowl of water. Of course they also experimented with other objects in the house (toy ponies, a little doll, some bits of soap, crumpled paper…I could go on). Creeping water, curved water, solid water – there are so many fun things to do and learn in this book!

Then there was the BOOST My First Human Body, Coloring Book.  For only $4.99 you can explore in a fun, and colorful way, the human body (this is recommended for grades 1-2 by the way).  This is something that my boys had a BLAST with!  Turns out they are not much for coloring but my oldest really enjoyed learning all about: hiccups, DNA, taste buds, and how all that stuff hidden inside our body works.  So many images within this book showing the skeletal, muscular, immune, respiratory systems.So easy to understand, lots of simple diagrams too. We learned all the gross details of digestion, what saliva is and what it is for, how blood pumps through our bodies. The human body is just so amazing. It is hard to believe that there is so much within; things we do not see but need for so many things we do each day.

These are part of the awesome BOOST educational series available from Dover. I am not sure how much my husband appreciates that but I know that we will definitely be looking into more of these in the future. They range in subject and age, from as young as three to as old as 11 (pre-K to grade 5). There’s letters and numbers, dinosaurs, the arctic, composers, desert life, vikings…And so many more! I definitely would recommend these to anyone looking for something to make learning simpler and more fun!    





From my boys: a big thank you to Educents for the opportunity to review these two fabulously fun books!! We are not done with them yet but will do lots more. Reading and coloring; a bunch of experiments (they love to play in the water!) and my oldest plans, rather than coloring, to trace and draw his very own human body, inside and out.


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