Praise Report!

What a day. What an amazing God we serve.

If you do not know, we are on vacation. Well it’s kind of vacation. My husband was sent here for work; his employer is gracious enough to allow him to bring his family. So we try to have some fun, see some sights, as his time allows. Counting the blessings here in Springfield Missouri, a ten hour drive from home. But what a lovely and scenic drive. The beauty of God’s creation indeed!

So our first real day out and about, we sat down to eat when my oldest suddenly is sick- nausea and fever- we thought the day was done. He goes in and out of the bathroom a few times. Complaining his body hurts, he cannot stand up, he is tired and hot…Oh my, poor kid! We tried to finish the other kiddos and kept him drinking ice water; sipping a cold vanilla shake…Off he goes again to the bathroom. By now my husband and I are trying to figure out a vacation fun in the hotel plan. The day is over. Its better now than on the ten hour drive home that comes in a few days right?

Suddenly our boy, he comes out of the bathroom after the 3rd or 4th tvisit to announce rather loudly that his aches and sickness are gone, that Jesus took it ALL away while he prayed in the bathroom. How clear he was, how descriptive as he told, everyone who could hear and was near, how he felt it all just flowing right out of him. How he could feel Jesus with him, a warm and comforting hand on him while he was in the bathroom. Jesus took it all; drained it out and put a new energy into him, healing him right there.

I love how God works and seeing that perfect faith in action. Its so easy; there was never any doubt in my son. As we were cancelling plans, he was praying to Jesus. He believed; he took hold of the promises of God and he was made new that very moment. A blessing indeed. How great is our God.

Praise God!





One thought on “Praise Report!

  1. The faith of a child . . . no matter how old! One of my special memories of my son in heaven – a year or so before he left – was when he was caught in a rainstorm on his moped and his boss called to tell me he did not arrive at work. I went to find him, and as I turned around the corner, there he was, beaming. He told me, “I knew you’d be here soon – I prayed!” LOVE that! Thanks for sharing your story and hope that your time away is very blessed!

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