What Shall We Reap?

It’s funny how we expect so much from God. We seek His blessing in all that we do; we ask that He prosper us; that He keep us strong, and healthy. Do we seek to please Him? Do we seek blessings that glorify Him?

I had a dream last night; a sermon in my sleep perhaps. I saw and heard so clearly, true words. Are we ready to serve? And if we are, can we give an answer? What is the hope in us?

I admit I went to bed feeling a bit deflated. We had a great time yesterday golfing, petting wild animals and all kinds of snakes and lizards, birds and sharks too! But when we went for dinner, I pray I dropped a seed (at best!). You see, unloading everyone, my younger son had a bit of a melt down. Long day; lots of excitement – understandable. My oldest, seeking to help him get it together, advises his brother, “The Bible says we need to honour and obey our mom and dad…”

It didn’t do much for his little brother BUT an employee outside was quite impressed by my son’s knowledge of the word. It’s Bible Quizzing, I said, that gets so much of it into their hearts and mind. And as this young man went on and on about the many different denominations he has tried, his struggle to find God; his belief and background….All I could do was stand, eyes wide open, asking God what He wanted me to do. I got stuck – a couple states away – it was all I could do to pray while we ate that a way would be made, for Him to find and experience, my God.

But how my heart ached. How I wished I had a friend, or a church body I could have sent him to. If only I was able to offer a study or wiser words than I did. And yet His word is clear, we sow what we reap. Perhaps the seed was sown, when he saw my son reaching out to his brother, using the Word of God; perhaps a new fire will burn within his heart and he will dig into the Word more and more. Yet I believe…..my God can move mountains – He can save this young man if is seeking the truth. It’s that simple

And for next time – I now know where there is a church here; that preaches the truth; a spirit filled church where we can feel His presence, where we can be healed, delivered and freed of our chains. Next time. Continuing to pray for this young man; thanking God too for something that opened my eyes, reminding me that opportunities are everywhere. We must be ready (not just at home!)


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