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Victus Study Skills Review
I love to learn; I love to take notes and plan. It’s fun for me to make goals and see the progress that is made. Some call these study skills, I consider them life skills. Whatever we call them, its so important for our children to have them. We need for children to learn how to learn. As simple as it sounds, it is not always that easy. So it was exciting to have the chance to review the Victus Study Skills System Student Workbook and Teacher Edition with my oldest son. I have to say though, this won my heart when I opened the package and saw:

For the sole true end of education is simply this: to teach men how to learn for themselves; and whatever instruction fails to do this is effort spent in vain.

~Dorothy Sayers

I say AMEN! 🙂

The foundation

The Victus Study Skills System is recommended for 5-12 graders; it definitely can be used with younger children too (my son is 8, grade 3) just be hands on.  The Student Workbook and Teacher’s Edition set costs $40, definitely get both.  (The Student Workbook alone is $20.)  The preparation is quite manageable (I read through the student and teacher manual before we even began). You do need both the Student and Teacher’s Edition to get the best results from this program.  While I did not use or review any other materials there is also available a Student DIY Workbook ($25) for older students who can work more independantly, a Classroom Video ($30), PowerPoint presentation ($25), and a booklet Creating and Implementing a Personal Strategic Plan ($5). Again, I only used the Teacher and Students workbook myself but these materials are also available for purchase.


This is a short course; only ten lessons. This is designed to be used with 2 half-hour lessons a day for one week (high school), or 1 half hour lesson a day for two weeks (middle school and lower grades). With my son it took a bit more. We did a lot of work in bits and pieces throughout the week. Especially when we first started. Setting goals was (and still is) hard for my oldest son; he thinks big and so in some ways, this was an great tool to help him learn how to do those things in a way that works. Baby steps right? I know it always helps me to see it on paper; for him this was definitely a way to see how big things can happen, a little at a time. Don’t just dream it…:-)

There are three foundational cornerstones to this program: Where Am I?
Where Do I Want to Be?
How Do I Get There?
My son really enjoyed the “deep thoughts” part of this, as he called it. As he saw it he was currently “doing what momma says” and wanted to get to a place where he could “do what he wants to do”. It was interesting to watch him work out how to get there; he now has a job chart he works through each day (his creation; managing what momma says he must do) and he also has a goal sheet. This is his list of “want to’s” for each week. So far so good. Small steps on the job chart are: handwriting, math drills, chinese writing, chinese speaking, Bible verses, narration, science (or blow it up haha), painting and music. His “want to’s” include lego free play, avengers video game, time on his minecraft game, bike riding, and just general movie/television time.

Since he prefers to work alone; it can be a challenge at times to ensure he really gets his work done, and gets it too, so this was a nice system for us to begin using. It gave him an idea as to how he can become more independent (this boy is growing up too fast!). Needless to say, lists and charts are now a big thing in our house. Everything is now a chart or a list. *big grin*

As my son gets older I know we will bring this out again, and use this on a much deeper level. I really was very impressed with this system and as I said, I do plan to use this again and again. In fact, I will very likely be bringing this one out for my own use as I am going to be “teaching” Bible Studies to a couple ladies I know and see many benefits in using this as a develop my own materials.

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