Supercharged Science ~ A Schoolhouse Review

Supercharged eScience Review
A favorite saying in our house as of late is “it’s not rocket science.” But sometimes it sure feels like it. And that’s when it is great to have a real rocket scientist there to help you out! We love science but I admit, so many concepts, I just cannot grasp. So it was fabulous to get a 6 month trial of the e-Science Learning Program from Supercharged Science for our family.

Supercharged Science is an e-Science online curriculum created to encourage a real love of science in kids of all ages. There are NO books to buy; there are some materials you need because there are lots of hands on experiments that are a part of this. Aurora Lipper is a real scientist; she is excited and loves her subject and you can tell. She is so very enthusiastic!  This is a COMPLETE curriculum for ages K-12, covering everything science from Astrophysics to Mechanics, Sound and Light, to Life Science. Wow~

The e-Science Premium Membership is available for $57 per month and gives you full access to all the materials for grades K-12. This is unlimited access to over 900 science activities, experiments and projects. So many in depth lesson plans, videos, and more! Every video is of Aurora Lipper, performing real experiments.  And you can do them right along with her!

Supercharged eScience ReviewSince I have three that range in age from 2 to 4 to 8, we decided we would start in the Kindergarten program and go from there. I created a folder for my boys to use (their science notebook) and we printed out the units as we went along. We started out in physics because, well, the boys saw they could make their own harmonicas and who doesn’t love that? Learning about sound and vibrations ~ Learning about how sound is everywhere and how vibrations are what make sound. My younger son especially, really enjoyed watching the videos. My older son was more interested in the actual experiments. We also created our own guitar, with a shoebox and a couple of rubber bands. It was fun to watch them explore the different sounds they could make and then, create their own little band. 🙂

  We bounced around a lot after that. My oldest son was quite comfortable navigating the site on his own. He spent a lot of time watching videos and then doing his own experiments. On occasion there were a few that were just too in-depth for him and we just moved on. He especially enjoyed growing crystals (although ours were not nearly as awesome to see as what we hoped for). And we currently have rock candy, in progress as well.

We also made a catapult out of popsicle sticks, a couple rubber bands and a plastic spoon. Two boys, each with their own homemade catapult? lol  It was a riot! They did not last long but while they did the boys had a great time seeing how many different objects they could send flying across the house and how far they would go. Maybe it’s just me, but this is the stuff that real learning is made of!

Each unit in Supercharged Science’s e-Science program includes an overview, individual lessons for each topic, experiments and videos related to the topic at hand, and experiments to watch and do.  Each unit also includes a shoping list, so you know what you need; it’s good to plan ahead. I was surprised at how much we had around the house myself, but  there were also times my oldest son really got into something and we did not have everything handy that was needed. The lessons are also available for download which was what we did. It was a great way to encourage note taking for my son. And photography too. We would have more photos except my cord seems to have gone missing. 😦

Supercharged eScience Review                          This definitely was (and still is) lots of fun for us! While there is (to me) just too much there, it is a real treasure for any science lover and home educator! We are definitely continuing to use this as long as we can.

For a limited time, Aurora, is offering everyone a copy of the Science Activity Video Series and Guidebook For FREE and if that’s not cool enough, she is also offering full access to e-Science for just $1. Yep, you read that right! Just $1. I hope you take advantage of this amazing offer and I would love for you to share your experience with it too.

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